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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by VarSity, Jul 25, 2008.

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  1. What would you say the day to day work is like in the Corps?

    When working up to deploy is most of your time spent writing reports for your Battalion on the area you are going to deploy to?

    If someone could give a few basic examples of their day (as much as you can, im aware there is lots you cant say) it would be great, I would like so examples I can mention in my interviews to show I have a rough idea of that the job involves.
  2. any posting where you have to wear this:


    is generally pump!
  3. Speak for yourself Op Int,

    I loved my last job and love my current job. Although my last one did not require me to wear the above badge, I was nonetheless still part of that particular formation.
  4. what a crock of shit :roll:
  5. You are in agreement that 1MI isn't the place to get posted to then? :wink:
  6. opint&sy is qualified to talk about his own experience, but generalising on behalf of a sizeable chunk of the corps is a bit much :roll:

    all depends where you go and what unit you're in. of course, opint is in a position to MAKE it good or "pump". so if it's crap, you might wanna indulge in a bit of introspection mate ;)
  7. I would say there is quite a lot of generalisation goes on in this forum. :wink:
  8. genius!! Love it. Although a bit harsh as a lot of thought must have gone into that particular badge!! I am still awaiting the results of the Int Corps Flash!! I am still in favour of the pink fluffy one!
  9. Mate, there's a new Int Corps Flash every time someone mentions how brilliant linguists are.
  10. well we must have exhausted every possible design then as I haven't stopped hearing how superb lings are. Esp in the both theatres. After all G2 might lead the battle but EW leads inthe field!

    One Corps, one trade; except for the dark-siders! And long may it stay that way.
  11. must be why i've never seen one :)
  12. Last time I checked I wasn't the Bde Comd, or one of his CO's. I've had 4 tours in the Bde and half have been pump (50% is general enough for me!). Usually due to the idiot in the big chair. It's amazing how a change of command can re-energise a unit though, see 1 MI Bn for proof positive..........
  13. A move across the road would kill that enthusiasm! Are you hoping to go the same way as your predecessor? That post smacks of ass kissing!
  14. No, no interest in going the same way as my predecessor, 22 and out thanks very much.

    As you know Op Int, I was after this job for a long time so knew what I was going for.

    Incidentally, surely it would only be ass kissing if the boss actually knew a) who I am, and b) what job I am on about! Providing he/she actually reads this, which he/she probably doesn't!

    Just pisses me off when people come out with a broad sweeping statement saying the Bde is pump. The job aint necessarily pump but the people you work with or for may make it so.
  15. That's certainly true for 2 MI Bn. Especially for those who remember the previous CO...... :lol: