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This is a question from an apparently young ACF cadet who has posted similar questions on other boards. Sensible, and suitably toned, replies please!

During Peacetime you will be going on Exersise alot,either abroad e.g. Canada "Pond Jump West" or Kenya "Grand Prix" on the other hand you could just stay in the UK and go to Otterburn or Salisbury Plain.If your not on Exersise your normal week in camp would consist of P.T. maybe a bit of map reading,P.T. maybe servicing vehicles depending on what role your in,P.T.maybe some weapon handling test's,P.T.maybe a lesson on signals,P.T.also you'll probably find the odd range day jacked up too and most Wedenesday afternoons are Bn Sports,also in your own time you could probably do a bit of personal P.T. if you feel you are not getting enough. Whilst on OP's you will rotate through a cycle of being on Guards,Qrf,Patrols and depending on where you are in the World a bit of Hearts and Minds stuff i.e. helping the local Civ Pop with various day to day tasks that make a difference to their community.Hope this was some help to you young man and good look in what ever path you choose to take...
Your best bet is to ask your PSI to arrange a day or two with a unit to get a feel for it all.

I've served for only four years but in that time have served in Cyprus, Iraq, Northern Ireland, Afghanistan, Northern Ireland again and the Falklands in a Scottish inf bn. The day to day life of our guys has been immensely different. While in Catterick, and now in NI, they spend their day conducting PT, First Aid, Vehicle Maintenance, Map Reading/Navigation, Weapons Trg, mini-ex's. At any one time up to half of the Pl could be away on courses ranging from Junior NCO Cadre to Brecon Cses. They could be in the Education Centre doing ECDL or Numeracy/Literacy. Some may even be studying for a degree. A good Coy 2IC will ensure that the day is full of worthwhile trg.

When you get on ops your day changes immeasurably. There is far too much to list here. You need to speak with soldiers themselves to get a true reflection of it all.

As I say, you should request a day with a unit to get a feel for it.
nomadcelt said:
Your best bet is to ask your PSI to arrange a day or two with a unit to get a feel for it all.

Sadly the ACF dont have PSI's so i would suggest contacting your county HQ through your Det commander, your local cadet training team (regulars) and your local Army careers office and try to arrange some visits and information.

Good luck

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