Day to day life on an RE Electrician ?

Iv recently just been handed a list of available jobs off my ACA and one job which appeals to me is the RE Electrician.
I'v looked on the Army website and can't find any information on the day to day duties of an electrician.
My BARB test score was 64 and all my gcse's are grade A*-B so i dont think i will struggle with any of the maths.
Also does anyone know of the current waiting list for the job?

Thanks in advance.
Your day to day life will be a whirlwind of painting wagons, checking G10 kit on ( or off ) containers or hearing " Hands on, lift....UP ! ".

Knocker will be along shortly to give you the real answer.
i believe that there is a fairly long waiting list to become one of the "chosen ones" with The Corps. Plant Life will be more current than myself as i am ex military nowadays. :)
best job in The Corps/World, personally i was fortunate enough to do trade nearly all my 19 years after my A2.
will stand you in good stead for when you get out as well, still plenty of work for Sparkies out in the big bad world.
best make sure your maths is up to speed though, heavily biased OR it was.
Do it young man, take the plunge.
It has so many advantages when somebody pisses you off and you cut their power.
It depends though some people get lucky and stay trade related, I unfortunately haven't but I guess that just depends on the regiment that you go to
Just do it, young man (or if you are female, pm me) and remember: There is a lot more to THE Corps than just doing your trade. Get stuck in!


RE Welder, RE Electrician - like there's a difference? The end result - a molten tangle of metal - would be the same.
and you are a what cloudduster???? dropshort at a guess, loads of call for them in civ div.
**** becoming a Sparkie, become a Plantie you can eat all the pies you can carry, bend bits of metal into interesting shapes. The only downside is you may have to get out of your cab when it starts to rain.
Hi, in answer to your original question - it could go something like this -

You'll prepare field lighting kits, big boxes of wires and lights and power supply stuff, and you'll ready mobile generators for use out in the field. You could be called upon to support signals, workshops, infantry, gunners or anyone. This could happen a number of times per year.
In addition, you'll repair/ run generators or overhead power out in the field in places like the falklands, bosnia, iraq and Tunbridge Wells. That part is really interesting. If you've got any sense you'll work your socks off in training to get yourself a really good mark, which will put you on the road to Clerk of Works Electrical, that's where the big money and opportunities lie later in life.

Sadly when you're not doing those interesting things, you'll be pretty much an extra to your squadron, so you'll do plenty of guard duties, painting stuff, waitering in the mess or whatever.

If you go for it and you don't do REALLY well at your trade training then you'll simply be sent into a field squadron for most of your career, where you will be a real part of army life and make friends that you'll never lose. You'll run up to things, paint things, shoot things, drive things, salute things, march past things and generally be a thing. I'd thoroughly recommend either route.
Good luck
As EX59 says Get in the rest room with the rest of the field mice. Plant Ops are god as I can make the earth move. Boom
Just reading bradthepads missive, I left before most of the lads serving now were born, but apart from the locations ie. Kenya, Aden,The Gulf, Oman,Falklands etc for the more modern locations, the life of a sparks doesn't seem to have changed in thirty odd years, so there is continuity there - and the other comment about work in Civ Div is true, but ONLY if you are switched on - I worked up the tree and have earned one he'll of a living since demob
as have i Taz, hard work never hurt anyone.

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