Day to day life as an RMP soldier

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by jack_97, Nov 3, 2012.

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  1. Last year of high school, and I'm looking to join the RMP. What is the day to day role? Atmosphere arround the base? I understand they get a lot of stick from the rest of the army, but what's the situation within the corps? Do they all hate each other too? Are you on the higher end of the lance-corporal pay scale? And is it anything like an infantry rifle company? Just a few of the many things i'd like to know, I'd appreciate any answers, just no 'monkey' bullshit.
  2. One of the primary roles of the RMP is evidence gathering, ie using the search button.
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  3. Haha, the army website doesn't give too much away and non of the threads on here go into much detail...
  4. 07:30 Get up - start being hated by the rest of the Army
    22:30 Go to bed
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  5. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    If they suggest you go out for a friendly kick about with some locals and only give you 10 rounds each decline their kind offer.
  6. Fixed.
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  7. On the upside, yes you're on the higher pay band!
  8. Aldershot have cancelled the night shift of parade at 17.00 and hand over at 08.00 then?
  9. Plain wrong
    Just detested by the rest of the Army 24/7/365

    We got a day off on the 29th of February...
  10. Weird, I just popped in to fix that myself.
  11. No you didn't - we just let you think that
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  12. More of a log on your shoulder than a chip, don.t y. think?

    Anyway, what Yorkie Bar were you qualified to eat?
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  13. Why not become a soldier or a policeman instead of something that is neither? Plus everyone hates you, not because you're that upstanding guy stopping us from committing crimes, rather...........oh you'll find out.
    Had one ask me why the number plate on my Land Rover didn't match the one on the trailer. You'll understand the stupidity of that when you join.
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  14. Plain wrong as the OP will find out, we is just twice the man... or was in my case, but I am loosing weight...
  15. Yes, but the money's not bad.