Day to day life as a infantryman?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by rhodesas01, Oct 1, 2011.

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  1. Hi this is my first thread and. I am pretty new to this site i was just wondering. What is day to day life like in the army as a infantryman?
  2. Join up and find out.
  3. Hehe
  4. Have you ever seen a James
    bond film?

    It's nothing like that.
  5. I can only speak as a member of Support Company as I have never been in a Rifle Company in camp (I transferred straight to FSP COY from an RAC Recce regt).
    This is relevant as in my battalion Fire Support Coy is run differently to a Rifle Company and is usually a much more chilled out and easy going affair. The theory being that all the privates in the Company are trade specialists and senior privates (have done a tour and been in a few years) and so should be treated as adults. My day starts at 0800, I wander into my platoon office (FSG/Jav plt) around 0800-0830, let the pl sgt know that I am there, then it's PT for about an hour, either a run or a tab.

    I go back down the office around 1030 and either get told that there is nothing on, and so I retreat to my room to play some XBOX/sleep/**** or there will be lessons/training to do. This could be anything from map reading, CBRN or weapon handling. As my role is FSG gunner we do a lot on the indoor trainer (basically like playing COD but just for the Javelin system) and that could be done all day long but usually we sack it at 1200 and thats it, come back at 1530 for a final brief then go home.

    Thats on a good day, most days are spent hanging around the store, cleaning weapons or doing PT. Rifle companies are much more structured and to be honest, in my work they can be treated a lot more like kids, with constant supervision. This may seem unfortunate but it is just the nature of a rifle company as it tends to contain a minority of immature young lads who if unsupervised tend to just go out on the piss every day or stay in their beds. Thats just how my Company works within my Battalion, others will be different, thats the beauty of the Infantry. If you have any questions feel free to PM me.
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  6. I would just like to say thanks for answering my questions.
  7. I call bullshit. I'm sure James Bond painted his fair share of rocks.
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  8. James Bond is a sailor. He'd only paint rocks if he ran aground. Matelots paint stanchions and other nautical stuff.
  9. come in very drunk in the morning, have 20 mins kip then go for a run with the platoon.
    vomit everything up and breath out of your hoop all the way round.
    finish run shivering like a sh*tting dog.
    shower, dress block jobs, then breakfast.
    return to lines to honk up breakfast, then amble over to the company office ( hands in pockets) to be told your area cleaning.
    find place to hide for rest of morning (armoury, MT yard, choggies etc etc)
    wait until lunch time when your told to bin it for the day, get changed and go out on the pish.

    continue this until your liver explodes or your an RSM.

    remember- join the army see the world- join the infantry carry the bugger on your back.
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  10. Join the army, see the world.

    Then ******* clean it.
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