Day to Day Equipment Needs/Wants?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Squiggers, Jul 24, 2013.

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  1. I've had my interest piqued by a recent article I saw on a new cleaning tool for the SA80 family that was developed by a engineering student that cuts cleaning time by about 40% (12 minutes, instead of 20 minutes) (James Caan gave me the shot I need | UK | News | Daily Express) I started to question what other low cost kit could be created that would fill specific needs, make things easier for the forces in standard day to day life, whether on or off ops.

    What equipment could probably be developed/improved (or areas that need improving) that would be low cost and/or feasible for an individual or MOD to buy that would make your average service member's life easier.

    Ideally, the lower the cost of development the better, as that then keeps the sale price down for the end user.End game, if there's a general consensus, it'd be something as a designer that I'd attempt to develop. Or several things. Depends what is suggested.

    Couple of points i'll make:

    1) As someone who is not serving (yet.), I can't identify where there is poor equipment that could have simple fixes. Hence why i'm asking here. I'm aware that this could run into a huge thread of saying that all equipment is shit, but its essentially market research - the more the better.

    2) This is partially due to academic interest, partially as I believe that if something could be improved by a business at a low cost either to the MOD, or to the individual, then it should be. Whether thats by me as a designer, or an engineering grad, or any other SME.

    3) Please don't suggest something like an upgrade to Clansman, or THAT rifle, thats a tiny bit out of the scope of my development ability and budget. ;)

    (Mods - if this is in the wrong section, I'm sorry, please move it to a more suited section?)
  2. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Obviously you would share any profits with the proposer 50/50 right? I mean, it's not like people go about giving their potential inventions away for free on the internet everyday is it?
  3. Not sure what exactly that is i'm afraid, can you explain what it is? Looks like some kind of clasp?

    A good point, should have said about that. If someone had a fully fledged design/idea and knew how to fix it, yes, and also donate some of the profit to some designated forces charity.

    The idea is to see what equipment isn't up to par however, then develop something based off what people have said, rather than a design already being done (Great if it is though). Whether thats cleaning tools, equipment fixings, MOLLE... Then I or someone else would develop a fix based off the feedback, then refine based on feedback on that, etc. etc.

    At the moment, this is more establishing what problems there are with low end/affordable equipment, then seeing how it can be improved if that makes sense?
  4. who the **** can clean a sa80 in 20 mins let alone 12 mins
  5. A solar powered cylume. Got to be cheaper than wasting all that money on gases and chemicals to make it work?

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  6. You have got to be taking the ******* piss! You've been on this site for 5 years and have no idea what it is despite it popping up every 3 or 4 months!
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  7. No idea - I suspect its more marketing spiel than anything else, but it does seem to be working effectively as people are buying it, and using it in Afghanistan.

    Interesting idea, be something worth looking at. Whether solar power could be relied upon to have the same results (8-12 hours of light) at the same cost (Pack of ten at around £15 retail) is something to be considered. I suspect it'd be slightly more expensive, but if its reusable...? Might be cost effective.

    Pretty sure they also have a IR signature as well, or Cyalume offer a IR powder/tag on their site? Might be wrong there.

    As I've stayed away from the equipment side of things on the site, no, I've no idea what it is. Chances are I wasn't looking in the correct forum when it popped up.

    I don't pretend to know everything, but I've got a rough, working knowledge of most things, or can do a bit of research to find out about it. So, again - what is it?
  8. I have never seen that picture come up on this website. But anyone who has spent any time in the outdoors would know, or work out that it is infact a can opener.
  9. Huh, learn something every day. Can see it now that you've said that actually. Looks useful and space saving at any rate.

    I just used a normal can opener, or a dirty great knife when I've been on any camping/outdoors type things, hence why i've not come across it before.
  10. I also think they could improve maps. They soon turn to pulp when wet, are easily ripped and more commonly, quite awkward to fold.

    My solution is a light metal composite material, about as think as tin foil Robust, but very easy to fold and manipulate. This wasn't possible until recently, but with new alloys and printing techniques, I think we could see this technology coming through very soon.

    In fact, you could also modify a compass with a small magnet, so when you have it on your map it won't fall off (I was always dropping mine in fields). Talk about systems of systems integration!

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  11. Interesting solution.... but, again, is it cost effective? Probably not, as paper is dirt cheap, and its fairly easy to laminate them. Plus, I would have thought maps, compass etc. would be integrated into FIST, if that ever comes to fruition.

    That is, if what you've just said isn't a wind up. :p
  12. I could resist on both of them ;-)

    Joking aside. Anything that can be done to reduce energy consumption on any piece of kit would be my priority.Be it having to lump one less battery around in your Bergen, to your camp needing one convoy less of fuel a month - green is lean

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  13. True, they were wide open for it hah.

    Obviously, with lower energy consumption, in theory, comes cost savings in resupply. The main assumptions I had were that whatever was created had to be:

    - Low weight (Lower than whatever it was replacing, or low if it was supplementing equipment)
    - Robust (Squaddie proof... although nothing is)
    - Low energy usage (Field rechargeable, or long lasting).

    Acceptable assumptions to be made?
  14. How about replacing a heavy, overly complicated, awkward, expensive and very slow method of recording vehicle usage and maintenance with a cheap as chips paper system that is both far more user friendly and easily deployable. It could in an Army Book type format that is standardised across the military.......
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