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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Fishsoxs, Jan 16, 2007.

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  1. Help needed please.

    I am looking for a day sac in the region of 30 - 40 litres that I can use on my TA training. In particular I am looking for a day sac that can take the two spare barrels of a GPMG, preferably on the outside in a sort of pole pocket, as I am re-roling as a GPMG gunner.

    Also I have seen on the 'Airbourne' webbing rigs the velcro closure ammo pouches and I am having no luck finding them as a replacement for my own ammo pouches without buying a complete bespoke set of webbing.

    Can anyone help as to either question? Any help appreciated.

  2. Why would you want ammo pouches with velcro closure?

    What's wrong with the issue pouches?
  3. Becaue I find it difficult operating the standard closure of putting the thing through the hole one handed when firing.

    So any help would be appreciated locating either the ammo pouches or day sac ...
  4. This should see you right:
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  7. Not the best choice of words I know but help sourcing the kit will be appreciated - velcro closure ammo pouches and dac sac suitable for carry GPMG barrels please
  8. I'm slightly confused Fishy, do you want the pouches for mags or link?
  9. for mags as i would use utility pouches for link. i need to keep ammo pouches for any courses i go on and dont want to buy several sets of webbing.
  10. Most spare barrels are carried in a standard daysack, yes they do stick out... See photo's of Para Reg in Sierra Leone. If you want a specific barrel carrier speak to Jay Jay's at Brecon (sorry I don't have the number here, no website available) I'm sure they can make one for you. They would also most likely sell you the ammo pouches you're looking for. Either that or they'll convert issue ones for you.

    Ask them about daysacks too or try here: I got my NI pack from these guys, good price and quick delivery.
  11. Have a look at their pouches fasten with velcro and press studs. They're a septic outfit though, and only make their kit in green/khaki or black, but they may be what you're looking for.
  12. i've never seen a daysack designed to carry the GPMG barrel bag.

    it would probably be easier to get a decent quality ( as soon may spilt with the weight of the link!) day sack and sew some straps to it to attach a barrel bag.

    if your tabbing any distances its much easier to attach the barrel bag to a bergan.
  13. Thanks for all the views so far.

    I have seen the Karrimor Sabre with a sort of pole sleeve 'thingy' at the bottom and I probably will give this a try.

    Any other help especially from those in the GPMG SF role would be much appreciated.

    Happy Days :thumright:
  14. Sorry forgot to say - its not actually to carry the barrel bag its just for the two spare barrels.
  15. From an ex mg section commander. I used to have a karrimor hot route 60 ltr but alas no longer made. We used to keep the barrels in the issued bag as they had a tendency to melt your daysack if hot. I used an artkis chest rig for storing ammo which was ideal.
    Hope this helps