Day sacks: Old skool vs new pups

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by wellyhead, Feb 16, 2012.

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  1. Ok, this isn't whats the best day sack thread, its more what do you prefer and this is probably aimed at the more, ahem, "mature" amongst us

    Right then I have a day sack that really needs replacing, its a Scottish Mountain Monroe clone that I've had for over 20 yrs, it was refurbed about 6-7 yrs ago but this time I feel its had it. Now I'm pretty old school, I still use a Cyclops Crusader FFS, but some years ago I tried out this new assault vest trend and I did like it to start with, but after a couple of times in the field I found myself hankering for my belt kit.

    Now I have seen all sorts of funky zipped up compression gadgetty day sacks out there but I'm worried that if I run out and get one will I find myself hankering after the old version? One thing that really concerns me is that I do have a bag like those out there for my laptop and I have 2 issues with it

    1. I often, whilst in a rush, forget to zip part ff it up and the next thing I know the things flopping all over the place behind me

    2. All the nooks and crannies are nice, but I have lost count of the number of times I have stripped my bag down trying to find something at was put in the wrong place whilst in a rush.

    Anybody out there experienced this, or has swapping over to the new design the best thing you have ever done ?

  2. I got a Berghaus Munro in the mid to late 1980's, I have it and use it still today. Ok, not when it counts on the hill etc, for that I have another Berghaus Munro with rocket pouche zips, just in case I need a bit extra room. I do a Berghaus air flow daysack thingy, which is good, but I've always sweated like a pig so neither gortex and air flow really keep me any drier than non-breathable stuff or air flow.

    I just like my Munro. It's not the best ever or technically brilliant, but it does what I want it to do, I trust it, it's my friend.

    And unlike her indoors, my munro doesn't mind me having another one on the side for different stuff and 'just in case'!
  3. Just replaced my Munro with..............................another Munro.


    Caveat - I'm a stinking Civvy now, and only need a sac for fell-walking in fair weather, not lugging link & batteries.
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  4. Cow

    Cow LE

    I use to have a Burghaus Munro, found that if I used it in the field it'd push my helmet over my eyes unless I slipped it off my shoulder when prone. Not bad other than that, still going strong now after 15 years.
  5. I was in the same boat, I have a HM Suplies Monroe copy with a big pouch on the front that really has seen better days (about 15 years ago) and I thought I would combine the new bag with one that can carry a camle bac.

    I eneded up getting a real cheapo type from a company called Kombat (£40 for 40 lts) and it was actually very well made. But, I just couldnt get the idea of zips holding it all in and no top flap to keep the rain out....and then add into it the habbit of quickly stuffing kit under the top flap in a rush meant that I went back to the old school HMS Monroe copy.

    The new one was/is a very good daysac and I still use it for non mil stuff and going for a run with (it is very comfy as well) but I just cant get the lack of a top flap problem out of my head....
  6. I used to have a Munro but in this day and age you can't get all your kit in for daily patrolling. It's a pain in the arse having to root around inside to get what you're looking for as well. I now have a Camelback Motherlode and with the 3 compartments, extra room and molle straps to strap shit on if needed it's much better.
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  7. I've got two. A munro for top flapping if doing more beacon type work and a Camelbak BFM for Herrick type work. The drawback with a 3 day type pack is there not really usable with a bergen.
  8. I'm still using my Berghaus Vulcan/Cyclops or whatever it's called, can't be arrsed to get up and go look at the lid.

    For day and overnight bimbles I use either my Swedish M39 pack or my GS Bergan in butyl nylon.
  9. Ref. GS Bergen, with or without the metal frame?
  10. I used to use a pack from Highlander. Liked it because it was tapered towards the top and sat low. Helmet banging when prone was not an issue.

    I now have a Karrimor Predator with mag side pockets or standard Bergen side pockets depending on what I am using it for. Must say, some of the straps are a pain, blowing about in the wind/getting tangled etc.
  11. Every one on here will say get a Munro. Just like if you have a question about boots every one say's alt-berg. It's just a waste of time asking questions like this on here.
  12. Get yourself a Munro mucker. And some Alt-bergs if you haven't got any.
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  13. Possibly because Munros are good day sacks and and most people find that Alt-berg make good boots?
  14. dare you speak with common sense!
  15. I've just got a Centurio 30 with side pouches, not done much with it yet but it seems as well made as the Munro on which it's based, but with more strappy things on. I'll put my pillow in it and haul it up Pen y Fan when the weather's better (yeah yeah) and let you know. I use a 25l Freeflow on my bike which is a pain to get stuff in because of the way it's designed to curve away from your back, although this is done in the pursuit of sweat-free comfort, which it achieves.