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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by cannon fodder, May 8, 2005.

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  1. Guys, what Day Sack have you opted for, Manufacture>version... and what you thought of it.

    What sort of kit do you carry in your Day Sack... just want to see how other people opperate.

  2. I've had a Berghaus Munro for the last 12 years - it's practically bombproof! It's been everywhere I have, in all weathers, and it's still going.

    It's not perfect. The waterproofing didn't last more than about two years, and the top flap zip died after about four years, but I'd like to find any other daysack which could survive the abuse I've given my one.

    The best thing about it is it's simple (not got loads of pouches everywhere) so it's lightweight, and take the removable frame out and it folds down quite small - perfect if you spend a lot of time with a heavy bergen on but you have need of a daysack too.

    What goes in it depends on the job. When I'm using it as a grab bag at the top of the bergen, usually waterproofs, warm top, the next 24hrs rats, and then the radio and all the other stuff you need to do your job.
  3. You need to watch out for the new black day sack that is issued for Iraq. Looks good but is at best average. Too many zips and rattles like a train. I think you need to ask yourself a few questions about your MO and what you intend to use it for. You can’t beat the issue day sack. It really is good. I suggest that if you can’t get hold of one, get the NSN and ask the QM to try and get some (one for him, CO, Adjt and you), then try to get one that is as close as you can to it. The problem with all day sacks is that you want to put so much in them that you end up with a bergan.
  4. Again the issue Patrol Pack is Tops. Either that or the Snugpack which has a built in DPM rain cover it, only costs £30-ish. Again a good bit of kit.
  5. The softie rocket pack is well built and you can zip side pouches on the side
    But that turns it into a minibergan and dpm and desert rain covers are just bit
    complicated .jay jays in breacon did a good daysac .
  6. The Karrimor Sabre ones are quite good (if a touch pricey) - had an Arktis one that lasted for years but recently had to be buried with full honours due to the stitching finally dying :(
  7. My current bitch is the BCB 25 ltr sack and its a good lil pack. I can get what I need in there, Gortex, warm kit, socks, t shirt, medpack, gas+stove, various other items as well. Can also attach a camel back direct onto it which is a real winner! One of the best bits of kit I have got, only £20 or so and really comfy. I would really recommend it. I thought about using Airjet 35 pack (which I have), but I am not sure as it simply looks a bit gay and the straps do dig in a bit.
  8. My daysack is a no thrills canvas DPM job with zips on the side for rocket pouches (not used ) i have had no dramas with it . Its done 3 tours and has been used for any thing from carrying 351 and batts to a crash out bag in dogwood strapped to the side of a scimitar . My only tip is keep away from 'HIGHLANDER' kit or any plastic day sack .
  9. I bought 1 of those because I needed it last minute for an ex and I was skint. did the job really well and I ended up using it for a few months.. holds enough and its nice and comfy. only trouble is the shoulder straps slip a bit with a 351 in there.
  10. I picked up an Arktis patrol pack with zips for fitting rocket pouchs on for 20 quid on e-bay, Dont spend more than 20-30! No Need! :idea:
  11. Issue Patrol Pack does it for me - large enough for NBC kit, w/proofs, softie jacket etc etc the list is endless - except for the kitchen sink!!

    You get the idea....Seriously though it's big and strong enough and comfortable too!
  12. Yea Ive moved onto the NI patrol pack, can't fault it, pouches in all the right places and is comfyyyyy!
  13. A word of caution regarding the issue DPM/NI Patrol daysack is that it can sometimes be too large for the RAF to allow as hand luggage on Tristars. Second problem is that you might end up carrying too much crap (in order to fill it).

    Saw someone carrying the US woodland Camelback number which he appeared to be enjoying - it has built in compartment for your camelback so you dont have to unpack it to get at the other stuff in the body of your daysack.
  14. Have a camelbac motherlode ok as a civi daysac/breifcase replacement
    lots of little compartments and very well made .Strikes me as too complicated for simple daysac .Wouldnt buy one outside a px as quite exspensive.But if in a px nab one if you dont like it can always sell it.
    the smaller camel bac rucksac things arent worth it unless commited runner
    cyclist .
  15. I use the medic version of the NI Patrol sack. you can zip the issue side pouches on to turn it into a mini bergen. The Front (not the bit with the straps, facing your back, thats the back) has a zip running right the way down the seam so you can lay it flat open it and inspect everything inside. The lid is the same as the standsard NI patrol sack.

    Inside is velcro lined and you get little/med/large Gucci mesh bags to attach inside with all you smaller items safe and secure.

    Its also bombproof, if a little heavy.

    I worked on Bowman for a year and the new Karrimoor built Sigs daysac is the one to get your hands on if you can (just for use as a daysack), £300 a shot, fantastic quality, comfortable, comes with a Gurkha to carry it for you.