Day sack repairs in Glasgow?

Hi all, my day sack needs some repairs. The side pouch flap has torn off a few inches and the lid pouch zip needs completely replaced as it got jammed (trusty knife got it open though).

So does anybody know anywhere in Glasgow that could do the tailoring to a good standard? Am I correct in assuming a standard tailor wouldn’t be able to make the stitching strong enough and have a tough enough replacement zip?
It's probably safer and cheaper to buy a replacement. Stitching will not be waterproof, though you could super glue over it. Depends what you use it for
I had to get my Monroe repaired a few years ago as a result of filling it with bricks. I went to a normal town centre cobbler and explained what I needed doing, and he made a great job of it. They have the ability to do HD stitching. Its not a waterproof repair but then again I never trust a bergan to be so anyhow. I think it cost about an ayrton senna.
Tisos can, as they do a repair service for civvies
Trevelez said:
Up to you if you want wet kit mate :wink:
Ah ok but it doesn’t need to be waterproof as I already use a canoe bag inside it. Its only going to be used for OTC so just getting it restitched would be cheaper as its nothing too strenuous :wink: Ill drop by the cobbler tomorrow, thanks for the replies guys.

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