Day sack Recommendations

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Chalky, Jul 29, 2007.

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  1. I'm in the market for a new daysack.

    I've made do in the past with something that is essentially a ruck-sac in olive green and I'm beginning to see the limitations, so I though I'd invest in something new and spiff-tastic.

    I'm torn between the old favourite of the NI patrol sack and something that can mount rocket pouches.

    I'm a CMT so being able to take my medic pouch would be an advantage, but I was wondering if anyone has any experience they could use to recommend either one.
  2. Blackhawk do a nice line, if you don't mind spam kit.
  3. Personally I'd go for a Berghaus Munro. 30ltrs, durable and it'll hold everything you want.
  4. Try the snugpak rocket - pak. It's got detachable side pouches and has massive storage for a day sack. The thing is like the tardis mate serious, give it a look:

  5. yes, the berghaus is a good choice.
  6. Are different stores a bit slack on the litres of packs, because some places say 35 ltr Munro and some say 30 ltr, or is this a different bit of kit entirely?
  7. I've just seen a Bowman Daysack, well impressed, didn't manage to get the part no. but a well thought out design & it warksa as a 'norma' daysack, zips on side for side pouches, whats wrong with your fancy trauma daysack?
  8. I've had an Arktis daysack for a few years, but bought a Snugpac Rocket-pak last year. Its far better than the Arktis.
  9. Silvermans do a nice version of the issue patrol pack which has no side pockets - instead, there are zips, allowing one to attach bergen side pounches instead.

    I have one and, whilst it was pretty pricey, it is very good. I like the flexibility and the fact that the maximum capacity is slightly larger than the usual patrol pack.

  10. ive got a webtex thing that is like the issue patrol sack but you can zip rocket packs on it. dont really use it for that anymore the thing is though whenever i go prone with the thing on, and ive got a kevlar on, i cant ******* look up. the bag pushes against the helmet. anyone else find this problem? anyone got any solutions? because its getting to be a bit of a twat having to run around with it dangling off my frigging arm like a handbag!!
  11. Only thing can be to compress it lower so that the top of it isn't as high above your shoulders. Failing that, get a new daysack!
  12. Daysack recommendation? Yes, don't let that dirty c**t N*** A****** shit in never gets better and you may have to wait ages before you can swap yours for his. I know I did.
  13. it wont compress because its got a nice little ali frame in it that i dont think you can remove. and one of my mates has a smaller day sack, like a little 25litre one, and he still suffers from the same problem. and we both dont want to have to resort to double rocket pouches!!
  14. Well then you just need to keep the top bit of it empty so that your helmet just pushes against empty bag. That's the only solution i can think of. Running about with it on one shoulder must be crap! If that dont work, when you go to buy a new daysack take your helmet to the shop and try it out! They normally fill up a display one full of paper so you can see what size and shape it becomes.