Day sack ideas please

I’m thinking of making my own day sack but would like to ask for some help from the wealth of knowledge here on arrse.

What would most people going/been on Ops like to have ?

1)one large sack to hold every thing simple and reliable
2) Ideal size ?
3) The ability to fix other pouches i.e. "molle" (although I haven’t seen any one actually use this function )
4) Lots of little pouches and internal dividers to hold individual items of kit
5) Full height and width zip closure
6)More traditional lid closure and side release clips
7)Compression system
8)Waist belt and shoulder straps

Or are the day sacks that are out there already achieve every thing, and I should go and just by a "Mother load" or some “Blackhawk” design?

All depends on what your role is and what you like I suppose, I’m not after the final solution just ideas of what works and what doesn’t

Many thanks

yea id recommend the dragon supplies patrol pack from
irlsgt said:
Must be lighter than NI patrol pack when empty
Why? NI patrol pack is not exactly heavy?

You could try the HM Supplies Ronum sack. will take side pouches and has a deep main compartment. Compression straps can make it quite small and tight if need be. I can get what I need in it for a day/overnight quite easily.

as reccomended by:

on sale at:

(after 2 years, they still havent got the right pic, but at least they know now)
I still like a Bowman bag or the equivalent Karrimor bag (the Bowman bag is Karrimor).

A Karrimor sabre 75 is pretty much a Bowman bag minus the straps.

They're much comfier than most military daysacks and are very strong too.
The Bowman bag works for me for my w/es in field, dunno about much longer though.
I use a snugpak stamina.

Apart from what's listed it also has an internal side pouch for a bladder and a hole for the drinking tube to pass through, also 2 handy elasticated stuff pouches on the side.

Very light, comfortable to carry and would easily be stowed in a bergan when empty. It can take 40 litres of kit so it's bigger than the issued one.
Ive got this day sack i find it very good and just the right size not too big or too small ( going by the saying that the bigger it is the more sh!t you put in it).
I bought the Karrimor SF Sabre 35 recently, as our tight QM's won't issue daysacks to us because our unit is static. It's very lightweight, quite rugged and is very comfortable to wear even when heavily packed. At £45 it's not cheap, but it's good.
30ltr main pack similar to a issue daysac with no side pouches. That would include the pouch on the lid, and the pocket underneath.

On the sides zips to attach bergan side pouches as necceary.

Accross the back MOLLE/MLCE strips so that pouches can be added as needed.

a pouch on one side inside the main pouch for a camelbac with little hole in the flap left and right for the tube or radio cables, on the subject of which.... a few securing points on the inside to afix radios or similar, so they don't flop about.

Ensure the foam or whatever padding that is along your back, is an extra pouch for paperwork/aide memores etc.
irlsgt said:
walt_of_the_walts said:
irlsgt said:
Must be lighter than NI patrol pack when empty
Why? NI patrol pack is not exactly heavy?
My NI Patrol sack empty is of around the same weight as my PLCE bergen empty (or heavier).
Then either your bergen is missing the metal bits in the back that keep it rigid or your daysack has a brick in it that you've missed. Given the volume of material in each, I'd think that them weighing the same would be a physical impossibility.
Empty mothers pride bag containing 2 cheese possesed,2 corned dog,1 pkt of shiote crisps,hard boiled egg,2 soggy custard creams and the obligatory scabby apple and dessicated orange.Take all above screw into empty bag.Stuff jumper into kecks and stash bag .Only good for one day mind. :)

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