Day Sack. Best and Worst.

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by the_beer_man, Jul 24, 2007.

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  1. I've just passed TA CIC (no sniggers please) and I wan't to get a decent day sack. Just after some advice as to what day sacks have passed the test for you guys.

    Cheers in advance.

  2. berghaus munro al the way, had 1 for 8 yrs still going strong
  3. Second vote for the Munro. Mine is bombproof and there are some good deals about at the moment.
  4. Another one for the munro.

    I've also heard good things about the snugpak, but never used one.

  5. Munro. Until some c-u-next-tuesday had mine away from Cophill down- 14 bl00dy years I'd had that. The issue dpm daysacks are pretty good- the black ones pants.

    Yanks do a good desert one in their PX in those parts of the world but they are bl00dy expensive and I'm not sure how robust they are.
  6. The NI Patrol sack thats issued in some places. Good, Strong, a fair bit of kit can be held in it and more importantly when it comes to the end of its life do as l did, exchange it with a nice new one. Thats if you get tours and the storeman is'nt a knobber!
  7. That black issue one is crap. I loaded mine up with not very much and the seams just blew out.

    You can get some very nice ones from the spams. I got an assault pack from them and it's very nice indeed.
  8. msr

    msr LE

  9. HM Supplies 40L Ronin. Slightly larger than the Munro with a large outer pocket and zips for side pouches a la rocketpack.
  10. would have to say if you want the Munro very good daysack try RV ops for Munro

    i have the issue daysack find them pritty damm good really good enought for everything i do, got mine brand new for £36 of ebay winner try there first

  11. I've got a 25ltr one I got off EvilBay by BCB and it's great when I don't want the Munro I use it. Cost me about £20 posted
  12. My money would go with the old, familiar Karrimor day sack.

    Got mine when I joined the UOTC 12 years ago (thought it was a bit expensive at the time) but it's still going strong - it's been on countless exercises, drill nights, adventure training, it has been my regular civvy work bag too for all these years. Totally brill. At 30 litres it can be a tadge small though.

    Karrimor went bust a year or two back and whilst they're up and running again, I think they sold the rights and the name for the military day sacks to someone else, which are now marketed as Karrimor SF. Much improved over the old versions (now the Sabre Rucsac range), they also now come in more than the basic 30 litre size and in colours other then green!
  13. NI Patrol Sack. Perfect Kit for all weather but not too easy on the pocket.
  14. I find a Morrisons carrier bag is not as good as the Sainsbury although out of choice a Tescos with some black & nasty does the trick!
  15. I got a US Spec-ops Brand one a few years ago and its great. Had to touch it up to DPM style but its robust as hell and very well designed. Bit expensive though, but I got mine of the cheap from the PX at Camp Victory after my Highlander25 exploded.