Day out in "sunny" Scotland


If anyone is interested in seeing these guys at work and getting a chance to play with medieval chibs and gats come along and lend your support this weekend.

The more support the more likely this is to be a yearly event.

Do I have to offer a pint for everyone who turns up and says a codeword?
Cheers johnboyzzz

Enjoy the ruggers.

Nah mate, not me. MATTS at B Butlins. The kids & DrX are going along for a look tho. You'll recognise DrX coz she'll be in her best labcoat and be trying to suck the fluid out of unsuspecting peoples knee joints with a very large syringe.
Thanks for the heeds up Challenged one!! :D

I have a family do of my own organised for then and all will be too drunk to drive. Advance notice would have helped.

Keep us updated though.

Ex - C Coy., 3/51 (V) A&SH.

Ne Obliviscarus etc.

Enjoy yersel though.
Well thanks to anyone that did attend.
No bugger made themsleves known for their free pint though. It was a complete success and I will hoof up some pics of the site soon.


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