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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by Snoreador, Feb 28, 2011.

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  1. I am due to start at Sandhurst on this year's May intake. In July there will be a degree graduation ceremony that I'm sure my parents would like to attend, and it would be a bit silly for them to go without me present. Of course, Sandhurst goings-on take first priority for me, but I thought that it couldn't hurt to find out if it would be possible to get 'day release' (assuming not on exercise, or whatever) to attend.

    Is it even worth entertaining this thought, and if so, whom should I write to? I'm assuming this kind of thing would have to be approved by the Commandant, but I would like to know for sure.

    Thanks for any advice.
  2. If you can't, I'm sure you'll be able to buy your parents off with your passing out parade ;)
  3. no idea about the sandhurst part but in my own experience (last summer) graduation was a bit of an anticlimax! Like a crappy damp squib at the end of an otherwise good fireworks show. It was all a bit "Is this it?!"

    Tbh it was a bit like having to sit through a school assembly in Latin. If I could do it over I would save myself a lot of hassle and money by graduating in absentia, just hiring some robes and having photos done at a later date. Just my personal opinion really so if you really want to go to graduation with your parents try for it.
  4. Oh I know - having sat through my first degree graduation on a sweltering hot day 6 years ago! I'm all for graduating in absentia too, but Dad missed my first one so is keen to get to this one (I get to wear a gown that has much brighter colours too).
  5. my mum missed mine as she fell ill and was hospitalised so we had to leave her behind... bought her the dvd of the ceremony and she was happy enough with that haha :) with you on the colours thing too, I didn't discover my hood was plain old black and white til the day and was very jealous of the other students with bright purples and reds and fur!
  6. Extremely unlikely. However, when you get there & have learnt how to write a JSP 101 compliant letter, submit it and see what happens.
  7. As long as you don't miss any training then you might be alright. However there is training on every day and most weekends so unless you can catch it up later (in your own time) or you are lucky enough to have a few college disposal sessions in a row then I suggest it's going to be very unlikely, especially as you will still be in Junior term. Letter goes to your Coy Comd, through your Pl Comd but dont hold your breath...

    WRT finding out your Company you wont find this out till you walk up the steps on the first sunday, wide eyed, fresh faced and carrying your ironing board! Enjoy...
  8. OK, thanks all. I've already warned my parents not to hold their breath. I'll wait until I'm there and then sound it out. That said, I have no desire to be the 'speshul' one asking for different treatment, especially as I'd have to ask in the first few weeks. Could be a bad plan for singling one's self out!
  9. Ask OCAC! That is what they are there for, to give you advice. I expect the advice to be write to the College Commander.
  10. Wood. Trees. Will give them a ring tomorrow. Thanks.
  11. tbc

    tbc Swinger

    Hi snoreader, I just got back from PCCBC, and we had an address from the Old College commander, in which he made it pretty clear that apart from an extreme family emergency, you won't be allowed to leave.
    Sorry mate!
  12. That's fine. My PCCBC is very soon, so I suspect we'll get the same spiel. I have told my parents to not expect me to be able to attend, but at least I can say I've honestly asked.
  13. What date do you start at Sandhurst and what date is your graduation?
  14. I start on the 8th May, and graduation is on the 15th July. Out of the hallowed first 5 weeks, at least.