Day off in Training

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Gdou9518, Oct 11, 2011.

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  1. Hello I'm starting phase 1 in January and my dad is getting marring in June which means I will be about 4-5 weeks into phase 2 what will be the chance of getting the day off it's a Friday thanks
  2. You'd better ask the right man.
  3. Bloody hell!

    A sensible question from a sprog that does not involve court appearances, losing a leg, tattoos or beastiality!

    I have to go and have a cup of sweet tea and lie down in a darkened room!

    PS I would mention this to your section Corporal in Phase 1. It will probably be fine but take his/her advice or have a chat to the ACIO now.

    Good luck with your career!
  4. Married? To a woman? Does he know what he's getting into?
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  5. Thanks guys I'll speak to my recruiter
  6. Good chap.
  7. That was painless
  8. Perhaps he's not terminally stupid. That's refreshing.
  9. That was actually quite a let down. Is cabana not about?
  10. What are u guys on about haha no offence but do u not have better things to do that write Rubbish on these posts
  11. No he's got a verruca and it's very sore.
  12. Actually no we don't.
  13. K
  14. If they won't let you go to your Dad's wedding, claim you're being bastardised.
  15. Come on Gdou9518, surely you've got one of the following:

    Minor criminal record.

    Suspended prison sentence.

    Unpaid civil debt or court fine.

    Pregnant girlfriend.

    Fear of serving in in Germany/ Northern Ireland

    Shite attitude.

    Tendency to lie.

    Tendency to get attacked for no reason whilst out and about.

    Dyslexic, Spastic or suffering from Downs Syndrome.

    Issues with authority.

    Pathological hatred for the Police.

    Blind in one eye.

    Profoundly deaf.

    Aspirations to Commission from the rank of LCpl.

    Aspirations to join Special Forces directly from end of phase two training.

    Rejoining after accepting redundancy payment.

    Rejoining after services no longer required.

    Shite tattoos (anywhere)

    Been banned from driving.

    Can't take a joke.

    Have an aversion to hard graft in exacting conditions.

    If you are answering no to all the above, you are indeed a breathe of fresh air on this site, and I personally wish you all the best on your chosen path.

    You have chosen well.
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