Builds Dawning of the Wokka Wokka - Simmerits epic build of the 1/35 Trumpter Chinook.............


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My experience of Wokka wokkas bring into doubt the authenticity of your model.

Germany, Wokka crash whilst I was on shift.

Germany, one "poorly controlled landing" whilst on site guard (Munster Nord, attributed to engine failure).

Falklands, Wokka crash whilst I was on shift, (Not the "Penguin", the wokka with the broken back at MPA, this was the "repaired" one undergoing test).

Northern Ireland, Wokka crash whilst I was on shift (Mull of Kintyre).

Anyway, if you insist on building a 3 dimensional one, it's looking cracking!
(Hope it's done up as BN).

Don't let mad_mick near your Wokka - he seems to be a bit of a Jonah !
I got in one 3 days after the Falklands crash for a day trip to Saunders Island, my "mid-tour break" 4 days before I finished my tour, (Rather would have gone shopping & beer in Stanley, Barbours were so cheap!) I knew it was safe... I wasn't on shift.
Anyway, after the Looong awaited upgrade (Get use to that concept with anything purchased American) they don't even sound Wokka Wokka anymore, new blades.

But the interior panels around the ramp were made of a semi-rigid Nylon weave of a medium silvery gray with a satin finish.
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Anyway, from now on, if needed, I will seriously concentrate only on enemy Chinooks, should have told me this in 1974.
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It’s sat there still - no progress due to work and spending my time in the BREXIT thread
To misquote Churchill, Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning...................but only perhaps :)

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