Builds Dawning of the Wokka Wokka - Simmerits epic build of the 1/35 Trumpter Chinook.............

Everyone takes the piss as I've been on with this for about 5 years. I'm going to nick all of the posts from Britmodeller so hang fire.....


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i picked up a chinook model kit about 5 years ago. So far I've opened the box and taken a brief look at the instructions.
There's nothing like a nice box



so some pictures of the kit. First impressions are its stunning. Never be fooled by first impressions..........


There is a lot of it, and its bloody big
spruce 1.jpeg

spruce 2.jpeg

spruce 3.jpeg

spruce 4.jpeg

spruce 5.jpeg

spruce 6.jpeg

spruce 7.jpeg

spruce 8.jpeg

the brass and masks are after market stuff
spruce 9.jpeg

I'd made a start at this point
spruce 10.jpeg

spruce 11.jpeg

more after market
spruce 12.jpeg

These were a twat to source. They are made by a lad in the States and out of production. I picked these up in the Netherlands, US and another foreign part.
spruce 13.jpeg

and they are nice bits of kit

spruce 14.jpeg

so with three consoles to choose from, some decisions to make on the build
spruce 15.jpeg

and as its the same airframe, the period
spruce 16.jpeg

spruce 17.jpeg
spruce 18.jpeg

spruce 19.jpeg

a lot of etch as well
spruce 20.jpeg

the lining in the kit is shite
spruce 21.jpeg

spruce 22.jpeg

spruce 23.jpeg

the are resin seats from the septic lad
spruce 24.jpeg

and what I had to recreate
spruce 25.jpeg

spruce 26.jpeg

as none of this comes with the kit

spruce 27.jpeg

spruce 28.jpeg

so this is the start of chopping it up
spruce 29.jpeg

so of the resin stuff from the septic lad
spruce 30.jpeg

spruce 31.jpeg

spruce 32.jpeg

this was the start of making the formers
spruce 33.jpeg

spruce 34.jpeg

spruce 35.jpeg

spruce 36.jpeg

so all of those little moulded bits had to go
spruce 37.jpeg
spruce 39.jpeg

so thats all the crap gone
spruce 40.jpeg

spruce 41.jpeg

spruce 42.jpeg

spruce 43.jpeg

spruce 44.jpeg

spruce 45.jpeg

This is the point at which I should have realised how shite the kit it. Look at the floor. This proved to be a nightmare
spruce 46.jpeg

spruce 47.jpeg

spruce 48.jpeg

spruce 49.jpeg

spruce 50.jpeg

spruce 51.jpeg
spruce 52.jpeg
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so, after brief interlude

spruce 53.jpeg

spruce 54.jpeg

This was all pretty straight forward stuff. Lots of reference pictures available if you consider going down this route. Oh - I'd made my decision on the period I was modelling by this point as well

spruce 55.jpeg

spruce 57.jpeg

spruce 58.jpeg

spruce 59.jpeg

so next was a start on wiring up the loading bay
spruce 60.jpeg

You could go mental with this area, if you were OCD
spruce 61.jpeg

spruce 62.jpeg

Halfords grey - cant whack it
spruce 63.jpeg

spruce 64.jpeg

so all the big wire drops are accurate. I've not down the smaller piping and wiring

spruce 65.jpeg

It took me about 2 months to get this far.....

spruce 66.jpeg

spruce 67.jpeg

spruce 68.jpeg

spruce 69.jpeg

and this was the first attempt at the liner..

spruce 70.jpeg

spruce 71.jpeg

Made a decision on the console at this stage, and it wasnt the resin one on the right
spruce 72.jpeg

scrapped the lot of this. I'm not sure where the lad got his proof pictures from to bang it out, but I think he must have dreamt about it. I binned the lot. A big problem with model manufactures is they make things up.
spruce 73.jpeg

Console on the left is what I ran with
spruce 74.jpeg

starting to make shape, but there was shed loads to do to get it accurate
spruce 75.jpeg

The problem with the kit is its used for the Vietnam era wokka as well, so a lot of the parts are used in the later mk. It all had to go

spruce 76.jpeg

spruce 77.jpeg

Its an ace piece of kit. I was going to do a mert, but next time..............

spruce 78.jpeg

Thats in InAccurate Armour Wolf TUM

spruce 79.jpeg

Rota blades are a problem as the new ones dont have the sag in them
spruce 80.jpeg

We got a black hawk down, we got a black hawk down....
spruce 81.jpeg

Now to the lining
spruce 82.jpeg

used this stuff
spruce 83.jpeg

spruce 84.jpeg

so you can see how it was made
spruce 87.jpeg

It worked out OK, but I dont think I'd go down this route again
spruce 88.jpeg

although it looks OK
spruce 90.jpeg

it worked OK but there are easier routes to go
spruce 91.jpeg

spruce 92.jpeg

you get the idea
spruce 93.jpeg

spruce 94.jpeg

Id realised by this point I was f@@king mental
spruce 95.jpeg

spruce 96.jpeg

There are going to me a lot of piccies in this thread........


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T'interweb is nearly full now! :p
T'interweb is nearly full now! :p

there are a LOT of piccies, and you did say you would like to see the build. I'm blaming you for this. You and BREXIT. Lets not forget BREXIT
I can only post 20 shots at a time and its 'wine' o'clock

spruce 100.jpeg

These are from live resin
spruce 101.jpeg

these were resin from the septic lad. Quite nice but binned.
spruce 103.jpeg

and these were the nightmare route I decided to go down
spruce 104.jpeg

the resin ones were shite
spruce 106.jpeg

spruce 107.jpeg

there are farsands of these. An utter pain in the arrse
spruce 108.jpeg

spruce 109.jpeg

spruce 110.jpeg

plenty good reference pictures about
spruce 111.jpeg

It sat on here for a year
spruce 112.jpeg

before I started again. Big emotional barrier these seats
spruce 113.jpeg

spruce 114.jpeg

spruce 115.jpeg

spruce 116.jpeg

starting to take shape inside
spruce 117.jpeg

spruce 118.jpeg

spruce 120.jpeg

spruce 122.jpeg

spruce 123.jpeg
spruce 128.jpeg

spruce 129.jpeg

you can see where it was going
spruce 132.jpeg

spruce 135.jpeg

spruce 139.jpeg

spruce 141.jpeg

spruce 142.jpeg

spruce 143.jpeg

you can see why the effort was worth it hopefully
spruce 144.jpeg

spruce 146.jpeg

spruce 147.jpeg

utter ball ache these seats. Not sure how I'd tackle them if I ever did one of these again
It all looks fantastic, wish I had the skills.

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