Dawn Porter

Last night I became aware of the existence of one Dawn Porter, a 29 year old TV reporter. Miss Porter is of a pleasing mien, with a nice fat arrse and good, genial sized waps. However unlike most televisual females, she gets them out.

Not only does she get them out, she is prepared to "experience" various sexual stuff whilst so unclothed in a bid to push back the boundaries of sexual knowledge.

Not only last night did she experience free love US and German style but later she found herself naked, in a cellar full of heaving humanity whilst being doused in warm sensual oils. Her cameraperson got a cracking shot of her norks and some good shots of various random boxhead genitals.

I look forward to next weeks ration of the plumptious Miss P. Channel 4, be there.

She has dne a few of these type of programmes, this is the first for 'getting them out'. During one of these programmes, she got down to a size zero!...however, you hit the nail...I def WOULD!
Cudds - ye've spent far too long in the cuds.

Oor Dawn (ye can se her every morning if ye get up early enuff) is a bit behind...

Aye, she has a big arrse as well...
Yes she is rather pleasing to the eye and bollock area.

I'd hang out of the back of her until they tazered and pepper sprayed me off her.

I think her last series had her being a lezza. I wonder if her dad owns a brewery?
Shes got that 'I look all sweet and innocent but I could suck a tipper truck through a hose pipe and let you whack your spluff up my back box' sort of look about her;

The missus watched this for the 'educational' aspects.

Same here love... No, there's no sport on, I don't mind you watching this... What? Glasses steaming up? I've just had a bath, what do you expect?

Unfortunately, she's a frigid cow and wasn't up for it after. The painters must be in!

Anyway, keep it up Ms Porter. Your 'public service' broadcasting is greatly appreciated by at least 50% of the population!
Looks a bit rough if you ask me...


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