Dawn of War II - Grumbles

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Disco, Feb 21, 2009.

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  1. So I'm dragged around Asda and I find DoW II for £23, happy days!

    Back home I run the setup and here we go, it requires a steam account and windows live account. Fair enough I have them from previous games ( needless ball ache) but the game is taking ages to install as it configures to steam also tieing the serial to my steam account.

    It finally installs but now it wont launch until it downloads updates via steam so now I'm sat with a "ready to play" counter of 1 hour 10 mins.

    Sod it, off back to the telly!
  2. I hate steam with a passion, downloaded demos off it, for it not to do a thing.
  3. hey i want to play cod4 again on my ps3... who can tell me the cheapest place to buy it online
  4. Apparently the steam servers hosting the DoWII files are a bit overloaded what with the game being a big release (the empire total war demo is out on steam now as well , which will just choke the servers more). You'll just have to hang about until off peak hours I guess.
  5. If that's actually your real number Dubz you've just told the world.

    Persec etc???...

  6. whats worng with telling people it ?
  7. BrunoNoMedals

    BrunoNoMedals LE Reviewer

    Thanks for the warning, Disco. I'm planning on buying this soon.

    I've got Steam from CS:S/HL2 and never had an issue. In fact it saved me a load of hassle when I lost my HL2 CD and wanted to play CS:S again - downloaded the whole lot straight from Steam!

    The big question is, though: Is DOW2 any good?! From the previews I saw it looks immense. I doubt it can keep me off Warhammer Online for too long, but I'm having it anyway :)
  8. Hmm, would get it, but my PC is pretty shite at the moment.

    And why the hell does it have to be paired with Steam...? HATE steam with a passion. Mainly as it was needed for any Valve game, and you were royally screwed with out internet, and the fact it kept clogging up my PC...

    Eh, anyway....

    I think it looks pretty good, but I'd mainly love getting my 'nids on everyone. Zerg Rush anyone? :twisted:
  9. I've used Steam for a while now and they always slow down when a big title is released. However, I installed DoW II last night and it fairly sped along. (Not that I bought it from them, I got it cheaper elsewhere).

    The game looks pretty good on th ebasis of the hour I played, have to wait to see how it looks longterm.
  10. I thought DoW 1 was a brilliant game, cant wait till pay day to get the new one. Thanks for starting this thread its a nice heads up for people looking to invest in the latest instalment.
  11. Play wise yes DOW II delivers. They have changed the format to more RPG than RTS but it works well, the graphics and sound are awesome. You have limited squads with which you do the mission but you can replace losts marines at comms sites. You certainly cant sit there and create a huge army then rush the enemy, you have to use each squad and its attributes wisely. It centers around finding and destroying the enemy leader.

    A couple of gripes, you cannot replay the mission if you want to do it better (and get more xp) and I'm not sure how many missions there are but the maps (so far) are fairly small.
  12. Took me 5 mins to install everything ;D So, either the problem is fixed or your connection sucks.

    Great game by the way!
  13. Is the campaign centred around the Blood Ravens again? Or is it taking the route that the expansions did, by allowing you to play as whatever army you wanted to?
  14. Nothing at all if it's people in your unit, CoC, military establishments etc etc etc. To put it on a public forum, in full display of everyone means that certain people can, from that number, extract all your personal details.

    Dunno why you want to advertise that you're a 300 series JPA number anyway. Crow.
  15. BrunoNoMedals

    BrunoNoMedals LE Reviewer

    DOW1 was immense. I'm probably preaching to the converted, but Company of Heroes is possibly even better. Also a Relic game, with almost identical gameplay (although there were three types of resources, so three types of strategic point to go for) based on the push for Berlin starting on D-Day.

    I knew DOW2 was moving to smaller-scale, RPG-type and I think that's what really got my attention. The RPG, character-enhancement elements are based solely around the equipment you pick up as you progress though, aren't they? No "character level" or skill progression?

    And yes, Tyranid zergs would be fun. 80v80 keep sieges on WAR have taught me that much :D