Dawn cullings

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by tiny_lewis, Apr 5, 2012.

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  1. (removes cap, tugs forelock respectfully, clears throat)

    Dear CO's

    Squires, I knows it your train set and all that, but wouldn't it help if you posted an open letter about the apparent change in arrse attitude.

    My own perception of the average arrser is that of the the typical squaddie depicted in Hands & McGowan's book "Dont Cry For Me, Sgt Major"; a cheeky chappie with an irrepressible sense of black humour that can always be relied upon to make a witty remark and scamper away, will always push back against authority in a jocular manner, never takes himself or the situation too seriously, but is a professional at heart.

    Consequently, 99.9% of us, if told that certain words or subjects are verboten will immediately use them - but if we were told why, would immediately understand why and toe the line, albeit with some good-natured piss-ripping.

    Rumour is rife - are you being 'leaned on', or simple being proactive? Have you had a gypsies yourself? We've know why 5A and HCV went.. but Stacker??? I mean... he's harmless!

    Just asking, like.
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  2. thats you forked then
  3. Stacker is gone? No way he's never offensive.
  4. Right where is Stacker1 he may a cwunt but he is a OURservingcwunt.
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  5. Free Stacker!

    BTW, what did he do?
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  6. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
    1. ARRSE Cyclists and Triathletes

    I'm struggling somewhat to see why the COs should feel the need to justify themselves when posters cannot be trusted to use a bit of common sense and follow the posting standards that all should be aware of.

    Warned and continue to act the c*nt, post racist terms and snuff videos whilst claiming it's 'squaddie humour'? Fuck them.
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  7. WHAT? spacker1 has gone?

    he was an internet prick but the sad thing is i think i know him from those dark days in deepcut

    i do hope he is face down/crapper up in a ditch
  8. He may now have to do some work in the storehouse instead of being on ARRSE all day. You know he never used DII to access ARRSE btw...................
  9. There's an whiff of zero tolerance going on here, combined with a dash of robustness and fortitude in the face of enemy resistance.

    I do hope that those MOD personnel who are also members of the TA take that attitude with them to their drill evenings too.

    Smoke me.
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  10. Site is on its fucking arse, worst state that i have seen it in ever.
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  11. perish the thought !!! using MOD property to spout crap, i must admit reading some of his stuff was interesting.......... nah not really
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  12. RIP Stacker. It's dusty in here.............
  13. I disagree. He always fought his corner and was articulate in his arguments. He also exposed a few Loggie officers on here for the arrogant, stuck-up-their-fucking-arses cunts they are.
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  14. As Devil's advocate Stacker was unbeatable, and we did cross on several occasions. I often wondered whether his handle was run by several scribblers as there were often glaring differences in "his" style. Aside from borderline bigotry, comedy value and sheer cnutishness Stacker made you look at things differently, challenged beliefs and values and was afraid of no-one. He annoyed the absolute fcuk out of some of us but I suspect he'll be missed and site will be a lot worse off. Saying all that, he's probably not been culled and is sat gloating in to his Red Bull.
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