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Dawn and Dusk Stand To?


Book Reviewer
So was having a discussion about things were back when the dinosaurs ruled the earth and just after the great rinderpest outbreak and Dawn and Dusk Stand To came up - apparently the Americans don't go in for this much - is this still SOP in Commonwealth Armed Forces and did it originate during the Indian mutiny?
and did it originate during the Indian mutiny?
At the first dawn of day, awake your whole detachment; that being the time when the savages choose to fall upon their enemies, you should by all means be in readiness to receive them.
That's a quote from Robert Rogers' 28 "Rules of Ranging" 1757, a hundred years before the Indian Mutiny.
I seem to recall the term Stand To being used on a panel at the museum at Culloden with the Government troops "standing to" to recieve the Jacobites. 1746 I believe.

Or I had had one too many pork pies that morning!

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