Dawn and Dusk Stand To?

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So was having a discussion about things were back when the dinosaurs ruled the earth and just after the great rinderpest outbreak and Dawn and Dusk Stand To came up - apparently the Americans don't go in for this much - is this still SOP in Commonwealth Armed Forces and did it originate during the Indian mutiny?


We still teach it but more to mark the start/end of day/night routine.
and did it originate during the Indian mutiny?

At the first dawn of day, awake your whole detachment; that being the time when the savages choose to fall upon their enemies, you should by all means be in readiness to receive them.

That's a quote from Robert Rogers' 28 "Rules of Ranging" 1757, a hundred years before the Indian Mutiny.


I seem to recall the term Stand To being used on a panel at the museum at Culloden with the Government troops "standing to" to recieve the Jacobites. 1746 I believe.

Or I had had one too many pork pies that morning!

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