Dawkins to attempt to arrest the Pope?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Squiggers, Apr 12, 2010.

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  1. http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/comment/faith/article7094310.ece

    tl;dr - Dawkins and Hitchens believe they can arrest the Pope for covering up allegations of sexual abuse under the same legal principle used to arrest Augusto Pinochet, and try him at the International Criminal Court. They believe that the Pope doesn't have diplomatic immunity as the head of the Vatican state, because apparently the Vatican isn't recognized as a state by the United Nations.

    The Pope has come under increased attack over the past few weeks as more has been revealed about his complicity in covering up allegations of sexual abuse and his inaction on disciplining pedophiles in the priesthood, putting the reputation of the Church ahead of the safety of children. Recent allegations include, cover ups in his own archdiocese when he was Archbishop of Munich and Freising (which he claims to have been unaware of and quite nobly blames on underlings), his failure to investigate allegations that a US priest, Lawrence Murphy, molested some 200 deaf children, and the most recent, a letter by Ratzinger written in 1985 about defrocking (i.e. firing) another child molesting priest in Arizona in which he wrote:



    Personally, I think its a bit dodgy.. The pure numbers of calls to lines in regards to this cannot be right. I smell a witchunt.

    I also wonder what would happen if it was any other religion than Christianity that was in this scandal.
  2. Note to future Popes/Cardinals/Bishops: If a priest is noncing kids and you get wind of it; Inform the relevant police authority.

    A simple equation should apply: Sex Offender = Defrocked and criminal prosecution.
  3. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Has any other religion in modern times had the amount of evidence against it? In this age of FOI and general access to information, is it a surprise that the evidence can be brought together better now than at any time in the past? I don't think so.

    It is a problem than any corporate organisation, religious or otherwise needs to realise. Little chance of a hiding place for any kind of stink. These days the truth will catch up with you.

    As a whole the Church's (and I accept I am being very general here) moral behaviour in this matter has been collectively reprehensible. As I have said on other threads, I still think that segments of the Church are in a state of denial which is feeding the witch hunt.

    People can't believe the intransigence of some in the Church in either denying the problem or refusing to take full responsibility and that is why it is becoming what you describe as a witch hunt. People will keep digging and digging until the Church throws open its records and comes clean. It will be bloody but at least there will be something of the Church left afterwards. At the moment, some of things said suggests that the old boys club will continue to try and cover this up, hoping for it to go away. It seems to me to be hugely damaging to the Church's credibility.

    What has become apparent is the Church cannot be trusted to self govern itself. That has been proved manifestly in Ireland with the multitude of stories (and now criminal charges) appearing there. The laws of any land says paedophilia is a chargeable offence. The Church must simply come clean of all its members that it is internally hiding now and whenever there is a a whiff of trouble in the future call in the authorities to investigate. Simple.

    There needs to be a reckoning. And until the Church realise that, expect this story to drag on and on and on and on.....

    But to the question set here, I don't think Dawkins has much chance of getting to the Pope. The Establishment (of any country) will not allow it to go that far. It should but it won't.
  4. My opinion...

    Dawkins is being a Publicity seeking c**k, must have a book tour coming up.

    The man has written a few books about his style of Atheism. As he has quite loudly make it clear he's an atheist, WTF is he dribbling on about now ?

    Not content with shoving "His" opinion down my throat he's now trying to make out he's better than Pope.

    He's quite publicly worshipping at the Altar of Cash.
  5. Quote "Squiggers"

    They believe that the Pope doesn't have diplomatic immunity as the head of the Vatican state, because apparently the Vatican isn't recognized as a state by the United Nations.

    Funny that these atheists are going after the leader of the catholic church, if this was some islamic iman[sp],he would be left alone and allowed to enter our country without fear or worry.
    As for the UN not recognising the Vatican State; well the holy see has a diplomat there and the state flag flies outside the UN building.
  6. Or perhaps doing it to draw attention to the issues so that it doesn't quietly go away as the catholic church would wish?
  7. I do not believe the 'Swiss Guard', The Popes Private Army, will willingly surrender the Pope to some Author.

    The Author may be suprised by the 'actions of the Swiss Guard' if he tries to arrest the Pope.

    They all don't wear silly uniforms!!
  8. Do the Swiss Guard have jurisdiction or powers of arrest in London?

    Or has Il Papa taken irradiation lessons from Mr Putin?
  9. Dawkins and all the others who are busy denouncing the Catholic Church at present would do well to remember to, " Judge not that Ye be not also Judged, for be sure your sins shall find you out."
  10. I take it that the sins of the Catholic church have found them out then? How do one's sins find one out and how can I be sure of that?

    And why should Dawkins et al have any respect for an organisation that has tried to cover up some appalling crimes committed by some of its number?
  11. Or, it could be that the twunts at the Times were very selective in their reporting?

    From Richard Dawkins himself

  12. I dont say he or anyone should, but, one needs to be whiter that white before screeching your outrage at the World. And for the Record, the Roman Church was NEVER seen as Whiter that White, read its History it puts any of the recent dictatorships et al to shame.

    Lappsed RC by the way.
  13. Park the Catholic-Outrage-Mobile boys.


    You do realise we're talking about the sexual abuse of children here and the systematic covering-up of said crimes? What you're saying is no-one can ever criticise anyone else, ever, since everyone has at least committed at least some sins. Crayoning moron.

  14. With all the press coverage of late how come no-one seems to have raised the issue of 'aiding and abetting'? Surely the knowledge that it was happening and the failure to take action to prevent further abuse was a crime in itself ?
  15. Definitely. Compare the situation to that of teachers in schools - not only is it illegal for a 23-year-old teacher to have a consensual kiss with a 18-year-old student, it is illegal for another teacher to know about it and keep schtum. Jobs will be lost and lives will be ruined. Now if you're a 50-year-old priest who anally rapes 10-year-olds, hey presto! You might, might, get moved to another diocese if you're unlucky.