Dawkins in the news again.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by samain11, Aug 10, 2013.

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  1. One wrote: ‘Dawkins spent the best part of 10 years attacking Christianity and not raising an eyebrow. He now turns that same eye on Islam and uproar.’
  2. Err, Dawkins is part of a cluster of anti-religious bigots including the late Hitchens. After 9-11 they eagerly added Allah bothering to their targets as more evidence of the infamy of monotheism.
  3. You may be right, but i've never heard Dawkins say that people should be killed or maimed because people don't believe what he believes.
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  4. I find it less than surprising that a group of highly educated people, who have the facilities and wherewithal to carry out research at the cutting edge, would be in receipt of more Nobel prizes than the vast majority of any other groups of people.
  5. And I find it less than surprising that people who reckon that the Koran contains all the perfect knowledge a society requires have got fuck-all.
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  6. Arguably, Dawkins represents one extreme of theistic thought and radical Moslems (and Christians for that matter) the other extreme of belief vs non-belief. I am not in a position to check (i.e. can't be arse) but I am sure he was merely stating a fact. Moslem warriors were still spreading havoc yes, but Moslem scholars kept mathematics, astronomy, medicine, art, architecture and much of classical thought alive and progressing when the rest of the west (apart from the notable exception of a few monks) was illiterally kicking seven bells of shit out of each other. The Caliphate in Spain was one of the most tolerant and enlightened societies ever; until Ferdinand and Isabella arrived with their all too familiar brand of vicious catholicism. So Dawkins is right - we should thank the Moslem religion for keeping civilisation and scholarly progress alive during the Dark Ages but after that iMoslem society was downhill to indolence and now fanaticism and pig (perhaps not the most tactful word) ignorance. What grips my gonads is the knee jerk reaction to any hint of what the chattering classes in their social ghettos think of as criticism of our 'rich multi-cultural society'. Tweeter's comment is right. OK to insult Christians or any of the symbols of Christianity, taboo otherwise.

    This IS the NAAFI isn't it ? Smug, butt-ugly, self-satisfied, Guardian-reading, pinot grigio socialist LGBT bad-adminned cunts.
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  7. By God* I feel better for that

    *Other Sky Pixies are available
  8. If they've got a recipe for a perfect society, why would they want Nobel prizes?
  9. Left out rather a lot there mate, the tolerant and civilised Muslim state was destroyed by an invasion of fanatical muslim berbers ( the Wahhabis of their day) in 1010, it was this Islamic in-fighting that destroyed the Caliphate and rendered it susceptible to Christian reconquest.
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  10. Blame the Mongols

    Mongols also destroyed Baghdad when it was the Islamic center of learning. The Reconquista resulted in many ancient works being rediscovered for western Europe and this led to the Renaissance. The Mongol empire also resulted in many goods from the east reaching Europe. When the Turks took Constantinople the goods became more expensive. Christopher Columbus sails to the west to find China and so on.

    When Europe was backward they were advanced and then it went the other way. Certain events can make a society a place for innovation or somewhere that burns heretics who say the Earth goes around the sun. Often in history when something bad happens people like to explain it as gods punishment.

    No doubt some one will add the million other things I've not mentioned and correct me where I'm wrong.
  11. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    Pretty much, although there were significant internal religious pressures as well:
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  12. So Richard Dawkins claims that Muslims 'haven't contributed anything worthwhile since the Dark Ages'. He's wrong of course; they have contributed loads to global terrorism, are leading the way in new applications for incendiary chemicals and testing the corrosive effects of sulphuric acid when thrown in women's faces.
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  13. But surely it wasn't until the reconquest that the Jews in Spain began to be persecuted, as well as the remaining Moslems of course. Don't think the 'liberated' Christians were too chuffed either at the arrival of authoritarian catholicism. Although the Moslem empire was far from uniform in its scholarship or fanaticism, I still agree with Dawkins that it's been ALL downhill since the end of the mediaeval period
  14. 'Blame the mongols'

    Surely we can't say that any more?