Dawin Award Nominee

an unnamed fellow working at an insurance company ' accidentally' shot himself in both legs when his gun went off. Local police report that the man just' felt the need to carry the gun ' and brought it to the office without any particular purpose.

The bullet passed through his left leg and then his right and through the corner of a bookcase before lodging in the wall of a cubicle occupied by a 'startled' female co-worker.

the man did not have a permit to carry a concealed weapon, and the employer requires an employee to get permission to have a gun at work..

Bet that cancelled his payments under the Accidental Firearms Discharged At Work Policy.

The next nominee is the guy who can't spell 'Darwin'.



Book Reviewer
Who's Dawin? Is he Welsh?
So sue me. fat fingers, pre-coffee morning..
Not eligible for a Darwin unless he actually died
Your description did not specify that he was dead which is a pre-requisite for gaining a Darwin
he lost his ability to pro-create therefore he removed his genes from the gene pool

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