David Tennant Quits as The Doctor

ukdaytona said:
Gordon Brown - He lives in a world of make believe, thinks he is here to save the world and thinks the treasury is a damned sight bigger on the inside than the outside
Feck off....we need to have someone believable!
Tenant was good but I think your fave doctor is always the one you remember from childhood i.e for me that would be sylvester mccoy, ace et al. I think Clive Warren would be great next doctor - we need someone less comedic and more 'actiony'.
All aboard the outrage tardis!
Can't go with Richard O'Brian, but Eddie Izzard would be a good choice. I can just see him, running away from a hoard of Daleks, skirt flapping everywhere, when he trips and breaks one of his high heels!

I can just see the outrage bus leaving on that one!

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