David Tennant Quits as The Doctor

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Infiltrator, Oct 29, 2008.

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  1. Richard E Grant
  2. Gordon Brown - He lives in a world of make believe, thinks he is here to save the world and thinks the treasury is a damned sight bigger on the inside than the outside
  3. Feck off....we need to have someone believable!
  4. Tenant was good but I think your fave doctor is always the one you remember from childhood i.e for me that would be sylvester mccoy, ace et al. I think Clive Warren would be great next doctor - we need someone less comedic and more 'actiony'.
  5. Saints with Dragknuckle as his Op'o..
  6. All aboard the outrage tardis!
  7. Failing that,

    Eddie Izzard.
  8. Richard O'Brien
  9. Crystal Maze man ?
  10. Can't go with Richard O'Brian, but Eddie Izzard would be a good choice. I can just see him, running away from a hoard of Daleks, skirt flapping everywhere, when he trips and breaks one of his high heels!

    I can just see the outrage bus leaving on that one!
  11. The very same.

    Although by the looks of it,he's dying of the bad AIDS:
  12. Knowing the BBC they'll give it to fcuking Russel Brand!