Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by paveway_3, Sep 6, 2006.

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  1. Well then gobby ?
  2. Is this stickyfingers your after,cheshires till i die prat. Is he related to wo1slash?
  3. Thing is if he was even in the slightest bit clever he would be annoying .
    I do find my days at home on R and R funny with this thick knob kicking
    about , Come on stickyunderpants, where are you ? lets have some fun.
  4. You enjoy a thick knob then, Pave? :D
  5. LOL@dozy .I dont but i know a few who do :wink:
  6. Moved.......... it ain't the Naafi Bar.......
  7. Roger out !
  8. Aha, I wondered where this little shite had gone! Some of you might remember a few days ago on a thread where he claimed to hate the Cheshire's and I, along with others, tried to offer advice but then he started getting all wierd. He PM'd me and started getting all abusive. Had to go home(see what I do at work all day)but the next morning the thread had been taken off. Can someone enlighten me as to what happened - I'm intrigued!!?
  9. He has popped in a few times under a different user name , the powers of
    arrse have found out who he is and where he is , so watch this space lol,
  10. Is this the same guy that started that racist thread last night and the same guy that started slagging off Hitlerwasabitnaughty??

    Must add what a prize c0ck!!!
  11. Not sure but he sounds like the same little freak!!
  12. I miss all the good bits I do!
  13. Strange that you should mention he PMd you, Cutsy. Because I got this one from him today:

    Ah well. If it wasn't for poor, saddo fücks like this, the rest of us would never know how normal we are. :D :D

  14. If he's Scousesoldier surely he should be in the Kings and not going on about the Cheshires? Anyway haven't the Cheshires disbanded, amalgamated and become the Mercians or something? All PBI to me so I am not sure.

    Do they have an army cadet force Cheshire Regt? :lol:
  15. He is a jock lad called David .Just wait chaps , the fun is inbound!