David Reeve, xmas outed Walt

Lovely job, one thing struck me though was the similarity with Halliday of course its not him, due to the proximity of each other, I just wonder if this clown is part of Para Force H? (Halliday gave up the pretence of being a Royal Marine and is now bluffing being a Para to whoever will listen).

Btw gave a nod to Granada Reports about this character
Wow! Whatta read. Lol. A great and entertaining article. It seem's some people just keep digging themselves deeper, and then they end up on here! Well done for putting that lot together.

ps, Dave or whatever you want to be known as now, never try to bluff a Para! :)
Please dont post piccies of the Mrs and kid chaps.

She is probably unaware of the porkies and more than likely an innocent and doesn't deserve to be dragged through the mill like Private Pile
Pretty fair to say the only black bag job he'll be doing will involve putting a bin bag over his head and doing the drawstring up tight until it's all over.
It is the season of Panto.....Oh Yes he was Oh no he wasnt. Gobsmacked


SJ, fucking awesome!

A certain for the "Walts 2011", my, how I chortled reading his Arsepedia, my cheeks are still hurting.

Dave, fancy a pint down the Legion with some real "Camo" wearers?
Ha Ha! Marvellous stuff....these bluffers though can be fucking dangerous, especially going round schools chatting to kids and all that.
Bloody Hell! You couldn't make it up........ hang on a minute, the wanker just did.
The basic parachute course roll was checked......but......... has anyone checked the HALO roll?.............It could have happened although I would imagine it would have a similar effect to this:

Grand Slam bomb - YouTube

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