David Purley; Parachute Regiment

As a life-long Grand Prix fan I have always been both impressed and deeply saddened by the David Purley George Medal incident.

For those that do not know, Purley, a former officer in The Parachute Regiment was a Formula 1 driver and he won the GM attempting in vain, to save poor Roger Williamson in the Dutch Grand Prix 1973.

Anyway, I have seen Purley mentioned on the forum before, but I cannot seem to find it when I search, but not to worry, the reason I am posting now is that I have discovered a song by the Manchester band 'Fraction' about him and I just thought I would post the link in case anyone wanted to download it.

It is free.

The video is also on you tube.

Very moving indeed, if you have not seen it before.

RIP Roger and David