David Miliband to go tomorrow

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by nigegilb, Jun 4, 2009.

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  1. Latest rumour, Miliband about to quit..... :D
  2. My day has been good to this point, it is getting better, any chance of sibling solidarity
  3. I just did a bit of sex wee.
  4. There's some fairly decent circumstantial evidence out there that Miliband has said that he will not accept another post in the government if Brown attempts to move him from the FCO.

    However, Purnell is a friend of his, and his actions might tempt Miliband to jump ship even without the possible FCO move, and without the 'I'm not going to run for leader' caveat in his case.
  5. Source Spectator;

    RUMOUR: David Miliband to resign Friday
    JAMES FORSYTH 10:28pm
    The word on the street which I haven't confirmed is that David Miliband will go tomorrow.

    The Coup is On
  6. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    Sorry, can I just check....

    ..it's not Christmas already is it?
  7. Yeeehaaa
    Good bye, I hope the door doesn't hit you on the way out. Milliband is a cnut.
    Sadly there is diddly squat chance of loosing his seat in South Shields, unless of course the cabinet dissenters all suddenly find the expenses star chamberfinds they have been to sirty on expenses and they get binned from the party
  8. BBC is running a news-ticker (no link yet) saying that Nick Robinson has been told that Miliband isn't resigning. At least not tomorrow.
  9. Rawnsley has just said the same. Could be a long night. Miliband bottled it last time, he reminds me of Portillo.
  10. Well isn't that just it. Labour and Tory bottles,different shape but full of the same pish.
  11. See your point, but the Tories have never screwed the country over on this scale. Ever.
  12. From the BBC News website:

    Meanwhile the BBC understands Foreign Secretary David Miliband, who was touted as a possible challenger to Gordon Brown's leadership last year, does not intend to resign.

    He said he did not agree with the decision of his friend, Mr Purnell.

  13. Possibly not in your lifetime, but do you really honestly want to give them that chance.
  14. I'd give Leo Sayer a chance to fcuk us over before I'd give Gordon another go. Absolutely!
  15. For me, the really important issues - the ones that could really destroy this country - are the economy, with which the Tories have a much better track record and civil liberties, which the Tories have said they will deal with.

    I'm not their biggest fan, but I really don't think they'll screw up. Besides which, having seen Labour over the last few years I find it hard to believe that anyone could do worse.