David Miliband - our coolest Foreign Secretary ever?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Taz_786, Jun 28, 2007.

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  1. [​IMG]

    Firstly has he actually started shaving yet??

    Anyhow check out his Myspace page:-


    Big D??? :D

    Yo yo yo, Big D in the house!

    I love how he describes his occupation as "Hard Core Action Man".

    Think you're going to have to edit that one Dave!

    After all we cant have the holder of one of our most prestigious Offices of State going around calling himself 'Big D' now can we?

    Or can we?

    Maybe its the next big thing...international diplomacy and conflict resolution via Myspace.

    Now we just need to persuade Osama (Big O?) to make one and we're rolling!
  2. It's not a real page, is it?

    (This is not a Wah, i'm genuinely unsure - although 90% sure that it's a p!ss take!)
  3. David Miliband is Milhouse from the Simpsons
  4. So if that page is real, he's as much of a loser as he looks?
  5. What a f**king geek.
  6. Had Michael Portillo on the TV today saying that Gordon Broon only gave Milliband the foreign secretary job so it would get him 'out of the country a lot' and therefore not pose an inevitable competition to him in the future. If not, he seems to have 'rewarded' Milliband for stepping aside in the leadership 'competition'.
  7. Youtube videos are very New Labour, reaching out to young people and all that...wouldnt be at all surprised if it was real.
  8. Oh well as Foreign Secretary he´ll be a big hit in the middle east with a comment like this on that page: "Of course I'm [half] Jewish, aren't all the best people?"

    Very diplomatic, even if it was meant as a joke :roll:
  9. I think he is a wise choice - half Jewish so he can actually point out where our Israeli chums are going wrong, without being accused of being anti-Semitic. He went on record (and against the party line) saying that the Israeli bombardment of Lebanon was a wee bit over the top.

    Anyway - anyone (even John Prescott) would be a better choice than Rosa Klebb (aka Margaret Beckett).

    But he really needs to dump the myspace crap.... I bet Palmerston is spinning in his grave... :x
  10. If by 'cool' you mean 'young' then yes. Alas I think this may be a hoax.
  11. How can a plank like that get any respect from other World leaders ??
  12. He reminds me of an old OC i had, he was a flyer in the ranks, but a bigger knob you couldnt meet!
  13. Big D ? Is that "Big Di*ksplash", perchance?
  14. :D He'll get on fine with "Yo Bliar!" Bush then! :D
  15. It is real, Sky news showed it last night.

    Bloody hell, its just sinking in that we have a totally inexperienced Foreign Secretary calling himself Big D on Myspace. He's going to have to delete it, he'll be a laughing stock otherwise.

    Quick, have a trawl through it, see if there's anything incriminating. Any teenage girls with 'thanks babe, luv u loads xxx' on it? Lol

    I predict the boy wont last 18 months!