David Miliband, bid for Leadership

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by pimpernel, Oct 1, 2009.

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  1. David Miliband, the Foreign Secretary, set out his stall for a future leadership bid by straying well off his policy brief and attacking the Conservatives as “schoolboys”.

    This conference is really not going Gordies way, The Sun stuff him, the press ask him nasty questions and little chap Millipeed makes a bid for fame glory and leadership - silly boy!!!
  2. It sounded like it, but I think Millibandwill step aside (for now) and let Alexander be the runner up for an election or two, a la Neil Kinnock.
  3. Would this be the same Milliband who tried to play the big statesman with Sergei Lavrov?

    The same Milliband who when he tried to tell Larov that Russia was being a naughty boy in Georgia was told – '"Who are you to fvcking lecture me?"?

    Sorry Milliband, the rest of the world already thinks you are a joke.
  4. Indeed it is, but i have a feeling he is being groomed (in more way than one) by Mandelson. I am convinced that if they lose the election, then either Alexander or one of the Blair Babes will be the sacrafice (nice pension, seat in the Lords, for the good of the party, etc).
  5. The little twerp is far too ugly ever to be considered for the 'leadership' of anything. This obnoxious pus-filled pimple calling other people 'schoolboys'!!!
  6. Tend to agree he's not high on age and maturity, in fact he looks younger than Osbourne.
  7. Yup it was the very same 'Boy 'Band'
  8. His speech today would appear to have upset the Latvian government too, he has accused them of being a Nazi regime. Not good for the person who holds the post of Foreign Secretary, and should be a considerable blot on his attempts to become party leader in the future.

    For those with the ability to stomach what the prat said:
  9. Unfortunately, a sizeable chunk of it also thinks we're a joke - on the assumption that he's the best we can come up with for the job.
  10. Edited due to idiocy on my part.
  11. Yeah, don't you just hate those Public School Toffs in Parliament, like Alastair Darling, Ed Balls, Patricia Hewitt, Harriet Harperson, Ruth Kelly, Peter Hain (not to mention Tony Bliar and many others). New Liarbour are skating on VERY thin ice if they think that playing the class card will get them anywhere.

    BTW, a very naughty thought has been recurring in my fevered brain - everyone (i.e. ARRSE and just about all of the media) assumes that Cyclops is going to wrap his hand in if they get dicked at the next election. Based on what? Cyclops has given no indication that he will resign and might just announce that he is the 'best man to lead the party back from the abyss' - interesting thought.
  12. Indeed it is. That'd be labour well and truly dead(er) in the water. 8)
  13. Indeed. They would be lucky to secure third place. If that happened, they would say goodbye to union funding and they would then be consigned to the history books.

    Just think - LD in opposition, that could be really interesting.
  14. It's incredible some of the sh!te New Labours had holding the Great Offices Of State Darling, Miliband, hatchet faced boot Margaret Beckett :omg: and feckin Jacqui Smith FFS :x

    Miliband for PM, what a fcuking joke (although current PM's also a fcuking joke)
  15. Does his Dad live in Highgate?

    David Wright Miliband (born 15 July 1965) is a British Labour politician, who has been the Member of Parliament for South Shields since 2001, and is the current Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs. He is the son of the late Marxist theorist Ralph Miliband.