David Mason: Shadow over Babylon

Discussion in 'The Book Club' started by smudge67, Feb 8, 2010.

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  1. I 1st read this book back 1999, and I've read it twice since. It is one of the few novels that has held me interested for its duration.

    A good plot, very well researched and written.

    Worth a read IMO.

    More info here:

  2. I'd second that opinion. A good yarn with a very imaginative and intelligent plotline. I was hoping for big things from Mr Mason following this debut novel, but he sortta faded.
  3. A very clever plot indeed. I thought the ending was a little "strange" and not what I expected (just before the sniper takes the shot).

    I too was hoping for a second novel to the same standard, but it never appeared.
  4. Obviously a very clever guy indeed. Combining writing with playing drums for Pink Floyd!
  5. My bold - Thought it was a pink oboe for the Royal Marines :?
  6. Would this be the same David Mason mentioned in Ran Fiennes book "The Feathermen"?
  7. It is. FACT
  8. A good, clever yarn that kept me reading right to the end but it contains one of the most unecessary sex scenes I've ever read. The one in Scotland with the cook; totally out of place.
  9. I don't recall that. I can only assume it's near the start of the book when he's looking for the boy? Possibly out of place, and not required for the story, but I don't think it spoiled the book.

    I liked the way the book hinted that funding had been provided by Robert Maxwell.
  10. Mason also wrote "Little Brother", in which essentially the same team attempt tp infiltrate North Korea to retrieve some gadget designed in the ex DDR to remotely kill people by facial scanning or some such thing.

    Plotwise Mason is OK, the next step up from the Terence Strong SAS books I read as a teenager.
  11. Andy_S

    Andy_S LE Book Reviewer

    A Caucasian (?) special ops team in North Korea stetches credibility a little. The only ninja I know who has been up there was a SEAL who went up with the Joint Recovery Team working with the North Korean Army searching for Korean War MIA remains. These operations may re-start under Obama.