David Letterman - You bunch of ingrats.....

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Plastic Yank, Jan 16, 2009.

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  1. food for thought???????

  2. No actual link, I see, but you're point is?

  3. I need a point...!
  4. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    I think it's a damn good rant...

  5. A point? Much of it could equally well apply to the population of UK. I agree - it is a good rant.
  6. Not only do you need a point, numbnuts, you also need to qualify this!

    "Gordon Brown said that all Englishmen are total berks!"

    "Tony Blair declares that every Septic president before Bush the Bewildered was guilty of treason!"

    "George Bush maintains that that the Israelis have the right to kill every Palestinian they meet!"

    Get what I mean?

  7. I agree with Fritzy. I think the only bigger spoilt brats than the yanks are the brits.

    'complete religious, social and political freedoms we enjoy that are the envy of everyone in the world?'

    I disagree with the above quote however. I am in no way envious of the massive zealous christian fanbase that is enjoyed in the USA. I am also not envious of their 2 party political system. Most of all I am certainly not in any way envious of their 'social freedom' of not being able to drink till you are 21 and plethora of other social activities less restricted within the UK.
  8. 'the world loves the U.S.'

    Yeah don't get ahead of yourself David.
  9. Er....no. I do't get what you mean Bugsy. :?
  10. Think the point is that we and i include the majority of the western world in this, should be grateful for what we have and bitch a little less about what we haven't and if your not prepared to make your lot and the world a better place you should put up or shut up.
  11. You sir, are a cnut! get a life and go outside!
  12. I think 69% of Americans view Bush unfavorably is cause he fcuked up so many times. & he doesn't show one bit of remorse for everytime he fcuked up.

    New Orleans is still a city of rubble, & it's been more than 3 years later. If Southhampton was completely destroyed by a hurricane or some disasterous event I bet it wouldn't take us 3 years to rebuild the city.
  13. ]
    So instead of providing any sort of link to back up your original post, you decided to resort to childish, ad hominem insults.

    Well done, Plastic Yank! You exactly reflect all that's wrong in the US at the moment!

  14. Bugsy!

    Actually I use childish comments cause I'm bored.

    I haven't posted a link, cause I don't have one. it was sent by an email. and to be honest, I'm interested or after comments. just thought it was interesting! do feel free to continue making hysterical ones, though!

    p.s. Not an American - the hint is in the nickname (commonly referred to as irony!)
  15. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Well, I like my er, freedom.

    I LIKE paying 60-70% of my income in various taxes (from PAYE to VAT, Death Duty, Road Duty, Petrol Duty etc) throughout my life and after I die to secure the freedoms I have:

    Like walking down the road with cameras watching my every move;

    Having my phone calls logged, so some local or national beaurocrat can look it up, without a warrant or court order;

    Having my internet usage accessible by some unelected official in my local council offices;

    I WANT to be followed around covertly by some local civil servant just in case my dog drops a sh!t and I don't pick it up, or to check that I actually live in the catchment area of a particularly appalling state school.

    I want to know that when my house is burgled, some rozzer will turn up (or not) and give me a crime number, before wandering off and filing in the 'K' pile;

    or that in the unlikely event that someone who robs from me, or assaults me gets arrested for it and taken to court, that he'll be given a unbelievably lenient sentence as it is I was is actually the transgressor because I restrained him/her during the act;

    I DON'T want my elected representatives being 'burdened' by having to keep receipts for money they claim of the state - I want them to spend what they like and not have to account for it.

    I DON'T want to know what my elected representatives are doing on behalf of me the country - they're in power, so it's obviously none of my business.

    I'm happy that my elected representatives are not wasting valuable tax income on the defense of the country.

    I'm please that our volunteer army is being sent hither and thither on ill-considered and very expensive (in terms of manpower, funds and equipment) foreign and illegal jaunts to smash tribal people left, right and centre.

    I'm deliriously happy that the banks can be bailed out with OUR tax money when they behave in a reckless and short-sighted manner.

    I'm delighted that our elected representatives are squandering the tax income of this country in ridiculous projects and social groups.

    I'm not concerned that our elected representatives feel the need to allow postal voting, despite the fact it is so openly abused, and they knew it would happen, but in their favour.

    If I had the money, I'd also buy a peerage, but sadly, I don't.

    I don't mind in the least bit mind the fact that my money is worth, on average 20% less abroad than it was a year ago because of shocking incompetence by our elected representatives in not stopping our banks behaving recklessly.

    Whoever said that I wanted billions of pounds of our tax revenue to pay for French farmers was absolutely right.

    Sovereignty? Pah, who needs it.

    . . . . and last but not least, although I'm a little confused as to why my elected representatives are giving all their powers away to some entity in another country, which is issuing thousands of diktats that we must enact into laws, I'm happy that this is the case.

    Me? !00% chuffed - I'm a happy elector, YESSAH AH AM!