David Lammys report on black crime.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by S11Blade, Sep 8, 2017.

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  1. Exposed: ‘racial bias’ in British criminal justice system

    Seems like he thinks it's racist to nick them for crimes they commit so we ought to stop charging them or even caution them. No admission of guilt if they attend Mr Mackeys 'stabbing people in the throat is just plain rude, m'kay?' lecture. And if the wascally wacists at the CPS (19% BAME or whatever we are supposed to call them this week) do decide to charge them then we should cover up their offending so they can conceal it from potential future employers.

    Appart from being utterly bonkers it surely falls foul of our race descrimination laws if you only offer blacks a free pass and would have white criminals lawyers having a field day getting early release/overturned convictions/compo gallore.

    Yet the head of the CPS seems to think its a goer.
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  2. [​IMG]
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  3. So are you saying his report is a bit of a white wash ?
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  4. Nauseating wasn't it.
    Everything blamed apart from the fact that they commit the crimes.
    And the real issue of why ethnic minorities commit disproportionately more crimes was ignored.
    BBC at their usual standards.
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  5. This morning he was interviewed on the BBC and he said it was all kosher till they were convicted then it became racist. Didn't listen to much more because I think he is a throbber after listening to him go on about all the hundreds of people who were killed in Grenfell.
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  6. I read that on the BBC News site earlier - Bias against ethnic minorities 'needs to be tackled' in justice system - BBC News
    I particularly like this bit:

    Surely the fact that they are offenders already means they are criminals!!!
    To my mind all of this seems to be a cack-handed attempt at addressing the symptoms and not the cause and as it's Lammy suggesting this I have to write off this poorly thought out 'free pass' for ethnic youth crime as nothing more than an inner city youth vote grabber.
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  7. Roll up roll up tickets to the ARRSE express where the opinions of white middle to old aged men are the true voice on ethnic minorities.
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  8. Stripped down to its basics, what Lammy actually said was

    'It's because they's black, innit?'
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  9. I concur with young Mr Rock wholeheartedly...

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  10. In the name of Common Sense, if nothing else,Third World dross will be removed from the UK and Europe. That Lamy thing must be among the first out of here.
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  11. Every country with a diverse population has the issue when it comes to crime committed by different ethnicities. Racial statistics should be pitched out the door completely if the powers to be can't admit there is a problem with certain segments of the population committing a disproportionate amount of crime. The colour of their skin should have no bearing on if they are charged with a crime or how the system treats them, a criminal is a criminal no matter who they are. Get out of jail free cards and making exceptions based on race will only embolden them more knowing they now have an edge.
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  12. Do you not agree that

    Majority of Black youth located on Sink estates

    Sink estates and other deprived areas more likely to have criminality (regardless of ethnicity)

    A larger proportion of white youth not under privileged* and thus less likely to be involved in criminality
    Ergo - its not unexpected that Black Youth is statistically more likely to be involved in criminality.
    If you add in types of crimes people migrate to - its probably easier to secure convictions against black youth**

    Thus whilst some racism may be involved - but that cut both ways **** - is it not simply avoiding the real issue and scape goating plod as per

    Rather than simply hide behind the old Whitey is racist speel*** perhaps it would be better to address the real issues and problems facing the youth - rather than tell them no worries lads get caught and it will be brushed away (I'm aware the big idea will be applied to white youths as well - same point applies).

    *A fact we are constantly reminded of except where its statisticaly convenient to forget it

    ** In Bristol it was reported - Muggers tend to be Black, Burglars white British, credit card fraud Eastern European - A mugger is more likely to be identified and of course to be carrying a weapon

    ***Which of course will provoke a not our fault Darkie cant behave in a civilised manner response

    **** As an example If plod stop you and you are polite you are going to have less problems than if you start with the typical youth attitude - throw in a few is its cos I is blacks and plods not going to advise you your lights broke hes going to give you a ticket.
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  13. No. come to arrse where what most people in the country truly think, but are too scared to say, gets an airing because we believe it and don't give two monkeys (stand down the RMP) if snowflakes disagree.
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  14. Of course. We are, as we are constantly reminded, responsible for them and their behaviour. It therefore follows that no-one knows them quite as well as "white middle to old aged men".

    Now, other than your head, do you have a point?
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