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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Charlie_Cong, Nov 5, 2007.

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  1. In a frank and outspoken interview, David Kilcullen, who has just become policy advisor to US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, outlines his view of the conflict in Iraq and the future of the struggle with militant jihadism.

    You can listen to the programme here - http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/programmes/analysis/7072942.stm

    Interesting programme. Frank Gardner - the interviewer - isn't exactly Jeremy Paxman and lets him off some pretty big hooks but Kilcullen comes across very well, as you'd expect.

  2. Good find, C_C, thanks.
  3. I actually bumped into Kilcullen in Iraq a good while back. All I knew was that I was chatting to a random Aussie reservist academic who kept on gabbering on about COIN theory. Embarassingly my response was "erm, yeah, cheers, thanks for that." :oops:

    No great suprise to an avid reader of ARRSE but he seemed pretty certain that some of us are bound to be on a plane to Pakistan in the next year or two...

    The big hook that Frank Gardner let him off was ( I'm paraphrasing ) "Does the West have the political will to see your "Long War" through?".

    Kilcullen was also pretty glib about the shiny new model of training the local Army / Police to do your fighting for you, as soon as possible. Well, I don't think its new or shiny - he avoided the question of how to actually make it work, and what "accepting that they'll conduct the fight their way, which you or I may not agree with" actually means...

    Rather like the recent "Just War" book ( ISTR Guthrie is a co-author? ) he was pious but vague at times. That said, still a really interesting programme. We don't seem to be short of strategic level comment / analysis ( all the "Clash of Civilisations" stuff ) or reporting at the tactical level but Kilcullen is rare in looking at TWoT ( awful name as he admits ) at a strategic level but from an operational background.

    How many experts' scope includes company level COIN ( http://www.d-n-i.net/fcs/pdf/kilcullen_28_articles.pdf ) and advising the US SoS (http://smallwarsjournal.com/blog/2007/01/a-framework-for-thinking-about/) ?

    Top bloke.

  4. Charlie_Cong:

    No need to be embarrassed in the least. First impressions and all that. Yours was quite the correct response. Kilcullen is a COIN operated theory machine. His ability to 'gabber' terror talk morning noon and night is why he is hired. He is in fact just a gushing geyser convinced of his own gush.

    If there were no 'War on Terror' he'd just as enthusiastically flog diet tea on the shopping channel or flats in Bristol to Cherie Blair.
    By the way was he constantly on his mobile or fidgeting away on a laptop or just playing with a game boy when he was filling you in with the lowdown?
    I ask because I fear there is a profound imaturity in Kilcullen.

    Everthing he says could just as well be as untrue as it might also be true.
    Yet either way none of it would make any difference at all.
    He is a bought and paid for 'terror mouth' a particular kind of song bird whose song neo cons find useful to help persuade the public of the wisdom of the path they intend to take anyway. Better still he is a pied piper of terror. He lives in a world invented by George Lucas rather than the one invented by god almighty. And the correct responce is either your first one or one big yawn.

    Serious people like Cheney or 'Snarler' as I prefer to call him probably couldn't put up with him for more than five minutes in the veeps office. It'd give him ear ache.
  5. Utter, utter BS.

    I'd like to see you submit a Doctorate on SAS styled warfare, and become one of the leading tactians in the 21st century; cnutfuck.
  6. You really are something SLRboy. You denegrate anyone who doesn't hold Your point of view, despite Your not ever having served.

  7. Of course I could not submit a doctorate on SAS style warfare or become a 'leading tactician' in the 21st century. I neither have the time nor am I capable of reaching level five in Grand Theft Iraq Islamofascist Tomb Raider or whatever dumb fool game these clowns are playing.

    As war is payed for from the taxes of all of us war is too important to be just left to the military. The military life, especially at the moment is an intense one. This leads to an over intensity of focus. The military through no fault of its own is now co existing in a parallel universe to many of the rest of us.
    The military is obsessed with developing and deploying means to deal with 'international terrorism.'
    The civvy wakes each morning and goes about his business completly untroubled by a phenomena for which there is barely any evidence.

    This here cnut**** along with many others are wondering why so much money is being wasted on over long, over expensive military campaigns that rather than resolve the original problem breed more so called terrorism that necessitates more of the same.

    As a business model these wars are utter crap. But then some (like sven) haven't yet woken up to the idea that the terrorism malarky has only been dreamed up to gull the unsuspecting into supporting wars that have been launched for entirely other reasons than those stated.
  8. I see you're still spouting the same old meaningless drivel kurtz. Nothing like banging the same old drum endlessly to delude and convince oneself that one is right, is there? Did you learn that from your friends in the Whitehouse?
  9. If I had friends in the Whitehouse I would be keeping schtum about how the shrill song of the Australian Terror Mouth bird is used to drown out the grinding noise of exploratory drill bits in action - wouldn't I?

    From the Asia Times Oct 6. 2001.

  10. Off topic w@nkstain.

    Move along...
  11. This bloke was my Bn's OPSO in East Timor in '99, and was the bloke that had to talk with the TNI after one of our Coy's got into a gunfight with them near the border. He is good with the gab and had the Indos believing they were in the wrong, and on the wrong side of the border. How far he has come eh? From a MAJ to Rice's man.
  12. Aye the Digger Doc's a smart cookie alright, take's a real gift of the gab to make it ;) Top bloke.