David Jason, Arctic warfare training video

Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by Bollock-chops, Jul 24, 2011.

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  1. I was reminded reading the Nam battle injury video. Does anyone know what this was called, where there is a copy, would be nice to see again.

    I tried youtube, and couldnt find anything.
  2. I've been trying to find that Law of Armed Conflict training vid from the 80's but had no joy either.
  3. Was it 'Medicine in Veitnam'???.

    David Jason was in a cold injuries (hypothermia) video, not arctic warfare. Probably wrong, it was such a long time ago, I'm sure someone on here will know verbatum.

  4. It was definitely the cold injuries film. I can remember showing on a projector when video was just an unaffordble future technology
  5. Slightly off topic but I have just purchased a DvD 3 disc set called "Look at Life" (Vol 2 Military). Made by the Rank Oganisation, older Arrsers will remember the 5 - 10 minute public info films shown between the B and A flicks in the local bug-hut. Avail now on Amazon. Brilliant. Cue proper BBC accent dubbed over a colour film....."Saturday Morning Parade in Germany and the 4th Royal Tank Regiment....." (yep, that's right Saturday morning parade !)

    All three services represented and clips include: "Rocket Age Lancers" (9th merger with the 12th), Ceremonial Soldier (Grens). It's really watchable social history of our profession at a time when we had an big Army poised on the German plane on a 50 year piss up called BAOR, and with an Air Force with some serious tackle which was nuclear tipped, and a Submarine service that allowed beards without any limitation on length......er not on the german plane of course.

    As for the David Jason film: It was on "Climactic Injuries", so all temps -/+ included. Medicine in Vietnam was a ground breaking trg flick that is seared into my memory. Pales into comparison when you look at what our young medics get up to nowadays though - no matter what colour uniform they wear. That MERT and the crews are the Mutts Nuts as far as I'm concerned and this experienced, but old medic tips his hat them almost daily.

    Now, who remebers the Northern Ireland Trg film about a Negligent Discharge ? Two lads messing about with an SLR one of 'em cops a round in the chest. Big Bang, kid hits the wall, a few seconds later an MO rushes in (stable belt in combats aaaaaaargh!!!) and says' in a serius dead pan voice....."He's dead". Well, no shit Sir !!

    My particular favourite was the burns film. Cue desert patrol (shorts, boots putties, wide brimmed hat, Shirt KF, SLR minimal webbing). Stop for scran in a wadi wherer a cook, remember them ?....we elevated them to Chef status later, but now are commonly civvies called burger flippers...but I digress. Dim Cook over presurrised the No1 burner and of course it explodes. The cas sim was quite good, as I remember, but the acting sh*te. But then again, everybody likes to see a cook get damaged in some way or another.
  6. I remember seeing that one while training at Bassingbourn. Black US Infantryman with awful white phos burns. Medics peeling dead skin and uniform away as he screams.

    Royal Anglian Platoon Sergeant, with big grin shouts, "That gentlemen, is how they make wetsuits" just as Fusilier Captain "N****n" walks in.

    Being of very obvious west indian origin he is clearly not amused and beckons Sergeant outside for a quiet chat.