David Icke

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Major_Catastrophe, Aug 16, 2008.

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  1. Mad as a box of frogs, or a truly great researcher/thinker?

    I found this by mistake while following a link within this site. Its a good watch albeit a long one at three hours almost. I only intended a quick look and was hooked for its duration.

  2. Mad as a chimps new playtoy frog.
  3. I may have agreed prior to watching this. Have you watched it, or are you just dismissing him without the benefit of doubt? I suspect the latter
  4. The pope is a space lizard, end of.
  5. :D what he said!!!!
  6. Ignore the Pope/Royal Family etc are reptiods bits and go research the rest for yourself.
    His ability to be a complete twat doesn't make the good parts invalid

    "Condemnation without investigation is ignorance"
  7. I remember him is a kid as the sports reporter for South Today next thing you know he's on Wogan in a lilac shell suit claiming to be the new mesiah
  8. I remember His "Messiah" Period aswell, he is still a twat but and he has really got stuck on the Reptiods stuff but go past that bit and there is some interesting stuff.

    This is the Int Cell after all so you should know how to muddy the waters so people disregard the bit you don't want them to pay attention to.

    I'll get me coat, oh and my tin foil hat
  9. Visibility in Ickes paddling pool is pish poor as it is barathul, no requirement to "muddy it" any further
  10. David Icke, David Koresh (died aged 33) and David Shayler make up the trinity - Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

    It's obvious innit? And if you check Wikipedia:

    "Branch Davidians believe that Koresh will someday return to Earth. Some hoped, based on Daniel 12:12, that this would occur 1,335 days after his death: December 14, 1996. The Hidden Manna faction believed that it would take place on August 6, 2000, then October 20, and now March 2012."
  11. Icke believes Boxcar Willie and Kris Kristofferson are reptillian alien shape shifters. 'Nuff said :rofl:
  12. Spot on old son - I posted a link at the outset, not the eight hours you suggested but nearly three. No mention of reptiles, just stuff that cannot be a coincidence. It really should be seen by everyone I think, very thought provoking.
  13. Thanks for the link. All very interesting and once I've watched the video that MC posted at the top, I'll be considering making a donation.

    It's good to get a differing angle on world events and this sort of independent journalism needs to be supported, not suppressed or ridiculed. Cheers.