David Haye vs Wladimir Klitschko

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Taz_786, Apr 4, 2009.

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  1. Finally happening! He had to cede almost everything; venue, purse, agree a rematch clause and a fight with Vitali immediately afterwards.

    Haye has a massive pair but can he do it?

    Someone desperately needs to unify the division and inject some glamour back into it.
  2. think haye may have bitten off too much in these two giants BUT you never know.
  3. Once upon a time heavyweight boxing was full of nasty characters, big hitters and great fights. Now look at it. It's a joke, a freakshow.
  4. I have met David Haye and he is a nice fella.

    He has an awesome punch, but (IMO) a bit of a suspect chin.

    If he can keep it tucked in, I think that he has the beating of both these freaks.
  5. Which is one of the reasons MMA is becoming more popular than Boxing. :wink:
  6. MMA is becoming popular partly due to the fact that it appeals to walting Bruce Lee types who have no skill or disclipline. :wink:
  7. As opposed to Boxing fans, who are all world-class athletes. They coulda been Contenders... :roll:

    The Golden Age of Boxing was over years ago. Boxing is the past. MMA is the future. 8)
  8. I've never been to an MMA fight night but have Youtube'd some stuff and the fighters seem like big overgrown girls that would shite their leotards if a decent boxer came their way. :lol:

    The MMA boys near where I live are all baseball cap wearing, 'beware of the dog', flabby chav scum that would even struggle against a fit Audrey Harrison. When they talk to me it's like they are trying to prove themselves over and over again. We're so fit blah, blah, blah. So I challenged them to strict press ups to failure and I whooped their goatee beard asses! Some of them (and I'm talking early 20s) struggled to achieve 35! :lol:

    I know this bears little to the overall debate (between no one else than us two sad'os) but it's all I've got to go on. :wink:
  9. MMA is pseudosexual.
  10. ..... and it's motor mileage allowance.....
  11. See you and raise, old boy; Floyd Maryweather claimed in an interview that he was the world's best FIGHTER, not just Boxer. When the interviewer asked him if he would consider fighting in an MMA event against a Mixed Martial Artist of comparable weight and experiance, ol' Floyd raised the white flag quicker than a French soldier. :lol:

  12. I bow to your superior knowledge of perversion. :wink: