David Haye v Enzo Maccarinelli - Saturday March 8, London

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Boxingmad, Mar 4, 2008.

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  1. This is for the WBA/WBC/WBO cruiserweight championship. It's a battle of massive punchers - both men can hit extremely hard and it's stirring memories of Benn V Eubank 1 in 1990 which was a fight the public wanted and eventually got. Although it isn't grabbing the headlines like Benn V Eubank, Haye V Macca has certainly got the boxing world going crazy. It's on Setanta unfortunately, and at 01:30 as well, but if you can get a look at it, then do so as it's a case of who lands first!!!
  2. Yep, the undisputed cruiserweight crown and the Ring championship belt.

    I'm going, will be driving down on Friday. I'm a big fan of the Hayemaker but he's taking a huge risk putting all his belts on the line.

    Never really rated Enzo that highly and think it'd be a travesty if he won.

    Haye is the better boxer but with two such massive punchers it's sudden death!
  3. I'd have to go for Big Mac to take it.
  4. I can see it being a good one with Haye to edge it.
  5. Haye's got a major problem with Stamina though. If it doesn't go to an early KO for Haye, Macca will shine through me thinks.
  6. That seems to be the general consensus. Haye early or Macca late. There's also a good undercard fight featuring Kevin Mitchell against former soldier Carl Johannsen. Worth watching.
  7. Well, all those (myself included) who thought that David Haye had too much power for Enzo, and would hammer him early, as it would be his best chance, were proved right.

    Enzo KO'd in R2.

    Where is that obnoxious Welsh Aussie wannabe?

    Crying on his vegemite and leek sandwich I'll wager.
  8. F**kin hell - that's two bad tempered posts that I've seen from you in the space of a minute. Get out of bed the wrong side or is that loss against the Jocks still grating?
  9. Not at all. I am in a good mood this morning. James Toseland is on the front row for the GP in Qatar tonight, Bradley Smith is on pole for the 125s and Scott Redding (15 on the 4th of Jan) is second on his debut in GPs.

    I'm not angry....you wouldn't like me when I'm angry.... :)
  10. Well done David Haye. Just as predicted Enzo got found out against a true world-class fighter. When the Hayemaker lands one on you, you're going down. Isn't that just a great nickname? That's got to be the best boxing nickname ever. The Hayyyyyemaker! Undoubtedly a future world heavyweight champion you're looking at there. Bet Frank Warren would give his right testicle to have Haye in his stable!
  11. :D