David Haye and Derek Chisora, both Cnuts

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by 8256Mick, May 8, 2012.

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  1. Why do we give these complete strokers a platform to prove to the world that they're thick as pigshite, and a disgrace to boxing?
    I promise I'm not on the dole - I took the afternoon off, and just saw the pre fight conference.
    Haye didn't do himself any favours, slobbering away like a drunken crow - telling the world basically to go around slapping everyone you dont't like inorder to not be a victim.
    Frank Warren, the tube looking on licking his lips with $$$ signs in his eyes - the Toad.

    The Sky interviewer bird asked Haye if Henry Cooper, or Mr Bruno would act this way......his stuttering answer just went further to showing the world that british boxing is in the shit.
  2. You answered your own question there. Behind every aspect of British entertainment are the greasy money men, the warrens,the cliffords and cowells of this world, and thats not even mentioning those pulling the strings behind football.

    It's theatre for the masses, and the more debased and vulgar it becomes, the more marketable it is.
    150 years ago Warren and his ilk would have been selling tickets to see the people like the elephant man followed by a trip to Bedlam to laugh at the lunatics.
  3. Faggots. I'd have them both.
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  4. Its going to be on Box Nation, I would watch just for the intrigue and the antics! Neither are world class and watching Haye's last fight, was a right snooze fest!

    However this Sat Night on channel 5, a star for the future Chris Eubank (Junior) minus the attitude of dad.
  5. LOL Y mad ?[​IMG]:)
  6. Yeh, that Derek Chisoras a ******* Charlatan, "Ghost Hunting" my arse.
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  7. Now renamed as Warrington and entry is free to view the Mongs. Visitors are advised not to feed the residents or carry anything shiney.
  8. Still more interesting than Rocky
  9. Too right!

    Did you see the one when he was possessed by a dog and started barking??? What a ****! If he'd lifted his leg & had a crafty piss on the rug I'd have been more convinced.

    Mind you Yvette Fielding would be a candidate for me to haunt her botty with my poltergirth, or a quick grope of her ageing entitties would suffice.

    So let's get this straight. Who is gonna get licked around the ring???
  10. Glass in the face of one. Knee to the bollox of the other. they got no style.
  11. Haye's a decent bloke. I think it's going to be a good fight.

    I hope Chisora gets ******* mullered.
  12. I cant wait for the night, heres Derek in the Pre-fight hype-up:

    Derek Cisorah gets possessed - YouTube
  13. He's an icon of televisual entertainment.

    Or '****' as we say in London.

    Typical bluffing, lying, defrauding Mickey mouser. It's sad and funny at the same time, like Andy Carrol.