David Grout-Attacker named and shamed.

I recieved this in my Facebook PM box this morning,

Its not often I bring myself to do this sort of thing, but I feel I have to. Some of you in the U.K may know of the story of David Grout, a soldier who has died as a result of being attacked by thugs whilst home on R&R. He was only 22 and has left behind a wife and a 20 month old son. The thing is a group defending his attacker has been created, which therefore has inadvertently identified this scum who killed one of our finest. The page link is below. Take a look at see this vile excuse of a 'human being' who deserves a place in hell for taking a hero.
Thank You
P.S-im not trying to endorse/encourage/condone vigilante action, but I feel people need to see this.
If it's an ARRSE'r that posted it,thanks.
Please remember chaps'the will be a trial coming up so please use restraint & do not post anything on that scums facebook site that could jeopardise a conviction for Grouty's murderer.

(putting it in the NAAFI bar as I feel some of the comments that will come are more appropriate here than C/A or Int Cell)
Can't believe the depths some of these chavmong scum can sink to. The page will probably be removed before long but lets hope his brief doesn't get wind of it and cite his "'uman rights" being infringed and cock the trial up.

His only fitting punishment would to be sent to 3 Para mortars as thier new plaything.
No sympathy shown in the discussions section. People are not fools.
As Brandsoured said, there is very little sympathy for this pr*ck from most of the posters. His mates Chantel and Claire Boo (WTF?!) appear to be real upstanding members of society. I despair for this country sometimes.
Chav scum doesn't come near to describing these low life.
Clever move really.

In Court, the named blokes Brief claims there was so much negative publicity, his client cannot get a fair trial... etc...

Best not fuel the flames.
that worked well I well spring of support for the por lamb NOT :twisted:
chav mong wants locking up and his mates culled
we kill baby seals why not violent chav mongs

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