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spike7451 said:
Is on BBC Radio 2 @ 2030hrs this Saturday.A recorded 'live' session.
A nouvelle Floyd-loving mate drew me attention to the BBC website, which states that after this broadcast, there'll be an hour-long broadcast of a video of the gig (at the Mermaid last Tuesday), available by pressing the red button and going into BBCi.

I have put out a request through my alternate command net to get it burned to DVD.

Edited cos the no-brainer left out the really important information.
Cloggie said:
Pink Floyd will be playing this summer at a festival(along with Deep Purple and others) in my hometown . .
Sadly mistaken.

Its Roger Waters that is playing, not PF. He will be performing Dark Side of The Moon.

BRILLIANT!!Just listened to it on R2! :D Mans a rock god! Music of that quality is timeless.I just hope no cnuting mc or dj or what ever they call themselves tries to make a 'modern' mixed POS like they always do! :evil:
susie_q said:
Damn, I missed it tonight, had friends over. Is Dave Gilmour playing any gigs in the UK this summer, i.e. preferably oop North.
Go to the Radio 2 website & you'll be able to hear it under the "Listen Again" button.

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