David Fulton: Not in the same league as Castleshortt


Walter Mitty martyrs? The dark, strange truth behind a couple of British missionaries in Africa.

But members of his wife's family seem vague about his military career and immediate aftermath. (His own are not commenting on the affair, in the hope of securing a presidential pardon.)

But two biographical details have been repeated as fact in all press reports on Mr Fulton since his arrest.

The first is that he had been an Army officer and risen to the rank of Major. The second - made all the more remarkable by the first - is that after leaving the military he embarked on an armed robbery spree which led to his imprisonment.

Nobody of Fulton's name and seniority appears on the Army Lists - the annual directories of serving officers - during the relevant period.

But friends recall that he said he was a major in the Territorial Army while in Devon.


Can anyone confirm his credentials?

Turns up four references to 'David Fulton'.

Two are for a Lt David Fulton Tait (1949 and 1951); one is a 1971 entry for a solicitor and the other a 1965 entry (10th December) stating Gnr William David Fulton to be a probationary 2nd Lt from 22/10/65; this chap being a member of the TA.

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