David Davis - Military Career ?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by mussolini93, Apr 26, 2005.

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  1. David Davis is in the paper this morning again. Once again it says former TA SAS veteran. But what I want to know is how long for and what rank?
    Why isn't he their Defence spokesman if he is a former soldier ? We know what Paddy Ashdown got up to for example, and respect to him. But Davis is pretty vague. Does anyone out there know ?
  2. What? Shagging his secretary?
  3. I understand from a colleague working out there that Paddy has been introduced by locals at more than one official event as 'Lord PantsDown'.

    Cheekie Chappies !.
  4. In fairness to the Conservatives, they had a significant number of former servicemen in the last Parliament, including the Shadow Defence Secretary and at least one of his Shadow Defence Ministers (Andrew Robathan - ex-Reg and served as a reservist on Op GRANBY) - I dont know the names offhand of their whole Defence team. From recollection at least two Conservative MPs in the last Parliament served as reservists on Op TELIC.
  5. One such Tory is Mr Julian Brasier, a STAB and MP in, I think, Canterbury. Known locally as Captain Darling. Sadly came to prominence a while ago by killing a child (?) in a car accident abroad. Then of course there is always Fatty Soames, who is a posh pie eating version of 2 Jags! Can you imagine being Soames horse? Doubly dangerous: if you don't get a broken back you'll get eaten for tea.

    On the subject of ex-serving MPs: Where the hell is that little poisoned dwarf Eric Joyce? They've kept him well under wraps for the duration of this election. I wonder what he's got to say on the subject of his leader's foray into an illegal war.
  6. Whatever the story, at least he doesn't brag about it.

    There's no mention of it in his profile on the Tory party website.