David Cameron's problem is that he only takes advice from his Notting Hill mates

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Yokel, Apr 28, 2012.

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  1. I do love the Torygraph.

    Half-way down the comments

    Sharia over Notting Hill, Saints preserve us.
  2. A spat emerged on QT to the effect of Cameron being arrogant Nadine Doris posh-boy and totally bonzo top dog, squiffy, snorting and possibly a fraction out of touch. I was deeply offended because I believe he did spend a whole six months 'in marketing'. And frankly if that doesn't rip open this universe's dark side then I don't know what does.

    To wit another member of the menagerie, sorry panel, retorted, Macmillan was a posh-boy but did a splendid job so there with brass knobs on. Top debate. To wit t'other stated he'd not worked a tittle in his existence.

    Isn't it wonderful how the BBC brings us cutting edge enquiry right into our living room.. Rockall, Malin, Dimbleby.
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  3. QT has lost a lot of credibility since they started having novelty panelists like Will Young, Alexei Sayle, Ed Byrne and that odious little right wing **** Dr David Starkey. It used to be full of heavyweight politicians but they have shied away and left lightweight fuckwits like Chris Grayling and Sarah Tether to it. Hence the debate has suffered. You see audience members outsmart them more and more as a result.

    MacMilllan had one thing in spades that Cameron will never have and that is gravitas

    Cameron is a complete lightweight, intellectually far short of what is required, he has poor judgement, surrounds himself with sychophants and is completely out of touch because he has never ever had to be in touch - Eton, Oxford, Media Marketing, Parliament is his route to No 10.

    But by far his biggest mistake is appointing Osborne. He is clearly inept, a piss poor media performer when coaxed in front of a camera. His sole qualification for the job was being Dave's mate.
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  4. Lets face it, So far he has only made plans for cutbacks en mass and the social cleansing of London.

    Britain is now ruled by millionaire posh boys from planet Rupert!
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  5. It always has been. Its just more obvious this time
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  6. DC is under attack from the extreme right of the Tories and Nadine Dorries is a major player in that area: see The Right-wing agitators out to get David Cameron - Telegraph.

    I wish some of these self-promoting w*nkers would try to understand what team spirit is and support what ostensibly is common sense, rather than their own agendas. The Coalition is not ideal but if Dorries and her ilk keep pulling in their own favour, it'll all fall apart and Labour will be back in power again. Do we really want that? If it happened, I for one would be over the Channel like a shot.
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  7. Macmillan had a bit of life (and death) experience in the Great War.

    Cameron appears to have been to Oxford, straight to Tory Central Office, then been a "Special Advisor" and then into parliament.

    Life experience? I don't expect him to go to war (mind you, might not be a bad idea) but he does appear to have spent his whole life in a privlleged bubble. Much can probably be said of the Commons and Lords in one shape or form.
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  8. It's not just Conservative Home. Plenty of Tory MPs are questioning Cameron's competence. Not least Mark Pritchard MP (The Wrekin) who was one of his main supporters in the leadership election against Davies but now takes every chance to have a snipe. Pritchard like many is particularly angry that the Lib Dems in the coalition took so many Ministerial posts. Posts they regarded as theirs.

    The article also praises Gove so I'd question the author's sanity and or personal loyalties. Gove regards a perceived drop in educational standards as something that can only be addressed by:
    1. Giving every school a King James Bible that he has signed, and
    2. Introducing Free Schools that dont need to adhere to any standards or consistent syllabus at all

    Couple that with his ridiculous mishandling of the Schools rebuilding programme where he didn't check his homework, twice, and it is obvious the man is a Clown. And its Cameron's fault he is still there
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  9. To where? France where they are about to elect a Socialist President?
  10. You're right by God. If only Gordon had won the election. Things would be so much better now.
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  11. IIRC no-one won the election. Certainly not the British public. Brown would have been out by now had he won. He should have had the bollocks to go in Autumn 2009 if he really cared about this country.

    "At least Dave is not Gordon" is not exactly a ringing endorsement for Cameron
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  12. What if David Davis had won the Tory leadership election back in 2005?
  13. Did I say France ...? I think we'd stand a better chance far further afield - somewhere the EUSSR couldn't reach. Papua New Guinea?
  14. I'd prefer him to Cameron but I suspect he is rather glad he didn't. It allows him his freedom and he knows he wont be leaned on to play the game lest he challenges again. Even an unwinnable challenge would be enough to see Dave off.