David Camerons bike could be just for show?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by frenchperson, Apr 28, 2006.

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  1. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/4953922.stm

    The Conservative leader is green enough to be planning a wind turbine in his home, but on this form, are we to assume that when the wind doesn't blow, he'll switch to a back-up oil/coal burning generator?
  2. I sincerely hope not. What the hell is wrong with a Sellafield (or Chernobyl) size Nuclear Reactor..??????
  3. David Cameron's bike could be just for show? Are you mad??? That would be like saying John Prescott's wife was just for show!

  4. FFS, what a non-story!!!

    How the hell are all his documents to get from his house to his office? Should he pile them all in a 100litre bergan and procced to wobble his way to work on his bike???
  5. Have to say, the 'Dave the Chameleon' PEB was very good.
  6. The purpose of my post was to imply that his green credentials aren't worth the recycled paper they're written on. I'll believe he's turned green when he stops going in for cheap publicity stunts and comes up with far reaching proposals to reduce the effects of the worst offending polluters. A swingeing cut on air travel would be a start, but that's not a vote-winner with big business, the main funding source of our political system is it?

    As for the documents, ditch the bike and buy a rickshaw David - it's a proven method of ferrying people around - so it would easily cope with 10 stone of dreary, mind-numbing, tedious, flip-flopping, documented claptrap.
  7. How very green!!!!!!!!!

    A backup car for his for his documents and shoes. Somewhat defeats the object.
  8. The wind turbine systems store energy, for use when the wind doesn't blow. A friend of mine has one; it's an impressive bit of kit and produces sufficient power for a largish house and all the other buildings on his farm. Though the initial cost is high it will have paid for itself in a relatively short period. These things are definately the way ahead.

  9. I'm going off the thread a bit now, but depending on the scale of your friend's wind turbine and any battery back up, if the wind stops blowing for say, a few days in the winter, his largish house and farm will soon deplete the storage system. You can't store electrical energy interminably, and you'll always be relying on whatever renewable resource you're using to keep topping it up.

    You didn't mention whether or not your friend is also connected to the mains as a back up. If he isn't, then he should be. Primarily to cover for the times when his renewable source runs dry, but also because he could be paid for feeding any surplus power generated back into the National Grid.
  10. At least he rides a bike and not his secretary and shagging secretaries is not a particularly green action. The ozone layer is being depleted and fifteen cans of anti perspirant for John and a further fifteen cans of intimate deodorant for Tracey hopefully vanquishing the smell of tuna cannot help the green cause.

    Tone sweats a bit as well.
  11. Yes - thanks for that image MS. And to top it, the wind never stops blowing with Prescott, although we may be about to enjoy a period of silence from him as Max Clifford dishes the dirt. It's just occurred to me, when the dust settles and they think it's safe to carry on as normal, could we harness Labour Sleaze as a renewable energy source? The planet's future might well be secured...
  12. Wind Power : no problems there
    Solar Power : they think the sun shines out of their arrses.
    Wave Power : Yes it's him again but in the bath.
  13. Waste burning plants could be set up as there's plenty of that under Bliar and they are a waste themselves, a waste of fcuking space.

    It would be a frightening thought if Bliar and his partners in crime were actually renewable.
  14. Once these processes are up and running, they could be a permanent source for party funding, and instead of relying on wealthy backers in a plutocracy, we could have 'renewable democracy'. I suppose the downside would be we'd have to stick with the most dishonest/sleaziest party - perhaps Cameron should get off the bike and on the secretary and instruct those that aren't too old or decrepit to do likewise.

    Agent_Smith, is this where you come in and trash the above plans as unworkable? Because Cameron's secretary would have far too many official documents to deal with to make any time for rumpy-pumpy?