David Cameron would appoint Minister for Afghanistan

David Cameron 'would appoint Minister for Afghanistan'
David Cameron would consider appointing a Minister for Afghanistan to ensure the issue is given proper priority in a Conservative administration, The Daily Telegraph has learned.

By Andrew Porter, Political Editor
Published: 10:00PM BST 03 Aug 2009

David Cameron 'would appoint Minister for Afghanistan' Photo: PA
The Tory leader has watched Gordon Brown struggle to quell public anger over the way troops have been equipped to fight the war in Helmand.
The Ministry of Defence's handling of the issues of helicopter shortages and compensation to troops injured in battle has been considered disastrous.
General Sir Richard Dannatt, the retiring Chief of the General Staff, last week said that Whitehall was not properly focused on supporting the British mission in Afghanistan.
It has led Mr Cameron to consider appointing a minister with specific responsibilities for the country.
Posh dave is full of crap, What a waste. Perhaps him and his "Party" should think about problems at home rather than bending over and been well and truly shafted by our spam chums..
Lets see how they walk the walk when they get into office, it's easy to sit back and wait to see what way the public sway before picking a side, it's not as easy when you have to make the decision that will sway the public one way or the other.

I'm hoping that they do change things, but in all honesty the tory MPs and labour MPs are cut from the same cloth, it's not the same nowadays compared to 20 years ago, MPs seem to change their views and parties a lot more these days and you can barely tell what is tory and what is labour (or new labour) anymore.
I thought we allready had one? The Defense Minister ????


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Worked out ok last time we sent one out there to defend the empire :D

Isn't this exactly what the Sec State for Defense is supposed to deal with anyway?
Isn`t this what retired General Mike Jackson proposed yesterday during a TV interview. Do politicians ever have an original idea of their own...one that works that is... :roll:
MikeMcc said:
Isn't this exactly what the Sec State for Defense is supposed to deal with anyway?
NO, its the Foreign Secretary who should define policy that is implemented by SoS Defence. The problem we have is our FCO is headed by banana boy who has about as mucg credibility and gravitas as a an empty ball point pen.

What a total politically expedient follow the wind announcement this is
Its not, because Afghanistan is more than fighting. We need effort from the MOD, Foreign Office, DFID and the national intelligence services. The Secretary of Defence doesn't have authority over all those. That's the problem.
harareboy99 said:
ICShiiteJobs said:
I predict 1 term for the conservatives. Here 22:34 August the 3rd, 2009.
What New-Lab will get back in? :?
Not a chance..... The anti-EU wave will most likely yield surprising results.....
Labour don't have a foggy and Conservatives will be found out to be all bark no bite....

much the same I think will happen in the U.S. Obama will be found out.... only a matter of time.... Not saying Dick Cheney will be back.... but I think the American dream means more to the public than Obambam realises..... just my 2p.


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Seriously, this is a very sensible suggestion. If you have seen the different attitudes and aims and agendas of the various Ministries involved in the current activities, you'd say so too. MoD, DfID, FCO and others all have separate plans and goals, and different ideas of exactly what may constitute 'success'. The Minister would have to have serious clout though - and I mean far, far more clout than does the current SofS for Defence, for all that he does his best.

An example of the Whitehall infighting, and the latest move in the continuing efforts of I-Hate-The-Armed-Forces GB was putting that nice Mr Rammell in the MoD from the FCO. This was indeed a GB masterstroke - I'm just not sure in what way yet :)

No wonder we can't agree on a strategy - and no wonder we do exactly what the US say is the thing to do. They say jump, we ask how high. This is probably not currently such a bad thing, however, given our own lack of ideas.
Sorry Snowy, have to disagree

You are advocating a cure rather than addressing the sympton.It is the FCO that should be in the driving seat, with MoD and UK Aid totally subservient to the goals of the Foreign Secretary

The fact that these is even being considered is a symptom of our disfunctional government rather than how it should be
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the_boy_syrup said:
Worked out ok last time we sent one out there to defend the empire :D

"Kilts - RAISE!!!" :D :lol: 8)

"Come back men! There's nothing to be afraid of...oh, I dunno though!" :twisted:

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