David Cameron tells defence chiefs to stop criticising Libya mission

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Jun 21, 2011.

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  1. Absolutely

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  2. In fact he is right

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  3. Rather right

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  4. I doubt that he is right

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  5. He is wrong

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  6. He is wrong and understands it but must obey orders from Washington.

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  1. David Cameron tells defence chiefs to stop criticising Libya mission - Telegraph

    Do you think that in a democratic society generals have a right to comment ongoing military operations?
  2. Auld-Yin

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  3. Well, this is what I've been stressing all along. The Libyan war demostrates once more the hypocrasy of the Nato nations and their deluded standards of morality and values by dropping bombs for democracy.

    The Rebels have invited Nato to bomb their country, out of all the people, they ask the Americans to do it, the same Americans their followers have shot at and killed in Iraq.

    Another waste of time and another useless conflict.

    I think the UK should be abit more concerned about the level of violence erupting in Ireland and the close relationship between Argentina and America instead of battling with a Secular nation and supporting as I have said before a bunch of greedy landlords who follow a Islamist Ideology.
  4. In a time like this I feel that Generals have every right to comment. They have to look after our military which Cameron is over stretching like mad. Why he continues to reduce the forces whilst increasing its commitment I will never know. He has not learnt from the mistakes Labour has clearly made in this area and it is going to take the higher ranks of the military to knock some sense into his head.
  5. Sorry, but in this case I think he is right. If the RAF cannot sustain a relatively small commitment in Lybia for more than 4 months without breaking the RAF the WTF have they been doing all these years. This Op, as far as I understand it, almost exactly meets the RAF design of operations and is what they have been using for years as a way of backing Typhoon and other high profile aircraft. Don't forget SDSR was announced with barely a whimper from those at the top and many of the choices about force structures and cuts in it were made by the same lot of whingers now.

    To my mind the current crop of outspoken comments from all three sets of defence chiefs, although most prominantly the RAF, has much less to do with Lybia and much more to do with setting the conditions for their future budget arguments.
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  6. The Chiefs have every right and, more importantly, a duty to express their views to the PM.

    If they do not like the PM’s response they can resign or make the best of it. If the PM doesn’t like their advice he can sack them or change the policy.
  7. Over-sensitive politicians make hard bosses to work for, I'd imagine. If the Service heads and Defence Staff were stamping about announcing 'this is a **** idea, you tit!" he might have a point. What they're doing is publicly stating the consequences of the current government COA, a very different thing to criticism, IMO.

    But then, I've always found the most reliable strategy for not being thought a shite planner is not to plan shite-ily.
  8. Sergie, can you change the Poll to include the option, "Cameron is a slimy, lying, stupid, treacherous, spineless untermensch who will be First Against The Wall When The Revolution Comes"?
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  9. Sorted it for you. It's pretty much a given anyway so no need to add it to the poll.
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  10. Sir Mark Stanhope. Sir Peter Wall. Sir Simon Bryant. These three have probably already been told that none of them will progress further.

    Mr. Cameron probably knows that he will be a one term 'sort-of' prime minister.

    Come on then Cameron - sack all three! I dare you!

    Four stars: don't even think of resigning; let this hopeless twerp of a so-called prime minster get HM to sack you. This clown Cameron has done, in a short time, as much if not more damage to the Armed Forces than the 'grinning spiv' and the 'psycho' who preceded him.

    What a failure. What a loser. What a tosser! Cameron I refer to.
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  11. In previous conflicts we have slagged off the bosses as they never spke out until AFTER they stood down and were secure with their pensions and honours. If these guys, Navy and RAF are speaking from a position of knowledge and in their role of advising the Politicos, then good for them. As said above, the PM can always sack them.
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  12. Whilst it could be said that there is an argument for amending the PMs words to read 'I'll do the talking, you do the dying', I would suggest that in this case its not the ACMs fault.

    He was asked to produce a brief to Parliament on the state of play of the RAF at present - he correctly noted that morale is low, that the Service is being asked to fulfill commitments in excess of the SDSR mandated defence planning assumptions and that in due course this will present problems to the service. He did not ask for this to leak, and it is not his fault that someone chose to do so (most likely in Westminster). If it serves as an uncomfortable reminder to the PM that the ability to sit at the top tables comes with a bloody large bill attached, then that is no bad thing in my book. Either fund us properly and let us go do your imperial wars of grandeur, or cut our funding and keep us at home. Asking us to conduct ops on a diminishing budget, and using kit that the MODs been told to scrap is the worst of both worlds.
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  13. Very true.
  14. Agree with chicken Jim, the RAF in Gio are living in hotels how much is that costing they have already had one pilot sent back for being drunk, and exactly how many planes are on the operation not a full San that is for sure. The RAF are a joke
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  15. Fair point, well presented.