David Cameron: Scots and English flourish in the Union

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by KGB_resident, Apr 11, 2007.

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  1. They both are absolutely right.

  2. They are rather right.

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  3. There are strong and weak points in their positions.

  4. I rather disagree with them

  5. I strongly oppose their views.

  6. Only mr.Cameron has a good point

  7. I agree only with mr.Blair.

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  1. If the union fails as least we'll be shot of Des Browne, Gordon Brown, John Reid, Douglas Alexander etc..

    Never mind, I'm sure they'll do well in the Scottish Parliament.
  2. Couldnt agree more. Why do the muppets in this country keep bringing up the "splitting of the country" thing?

    Anyone...Scottish or English that wants that needs their heads looking at, seriously.
  3. Andy Pipkin? Is that you?
  4. Bliar is just trying to save his party's arrse in Scotland. Labour has much more to lose than the Tories.
  5. Not me, Biscuits!

    Personally I am in favour of EVOEL pending resolution of the Scottish Independence issue.
  6. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Labliar played the devolution card . . . and lost. Not only did they lose, they've opened the barn door now.

    They have, in their attempt to grab a few votes pretty much started the ball rolling for the destruction of the Union. Now the little shites are backtracking furiously and saying what a wonderful thing the Union is. Cnuts.

    I feel physically sick when I think of what these arrseholes have done to our nation and will be at the front of the crowd when they get hung.

    Oooooh don't start me off!!
  7. Labour have a lot to lose, potentially, and the press have been pointing it out to them recently rather forcefully. Tories appear to have little to gain or lose in the immediate short term - but it would be a dreadful longterm loss if the Union were severed.

    The most recent Populus/Times poll gave 27% of Scots in favour of complete independence, and it's been argued that fewer than that would actually vote for it if confronted with a referendum.
  8. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    Is he suggesting that an independent Scotland will result in ethnic cleansing? Will the English Army have to deploy to protect lines of weary Jocks as they plod through Cumbria, pulling their possessions behind them on handcarts? Will the English and Scottish Armies stare across the border at each other as their battered, robbed and harried fellow citizens cross the border into safety? Perhaps Pakistani and Nigerian soldiers will deploy as UN peacekeepers to prevent war?

    Or maybe, we'll just carry on as before, since we're all part of the wider EU now. Scottish independence is pointless because most of what they want to control for themselves is managed from Brussels anyway. Its about national pride and bashing the English.

    Free Cornwall!
  9. The English army will be too busy beseiging Brussels to worry about peacekeeping duties.

    We shall put the MEP's to our swords and revel as we reduce the EU to ashes!
  10. Bashing the English?. Isn't that what Italian football fans do?
  11. If only . . . .

    Can we take it you vote UKIP?
  12. I'll vote for whichever party will allow me to be issued a flame thrower!

    additionally, the chances of there being an Englishman amongst the Man Utd fans are remote.
  13. Successive govts of different complexions have gone a long way to disarming all of us. And N. Farage hasn't recently spoken about policy on flamethrowers.

    But I have some general sympathy . . . .